The Vatican is currently examining reports from parishioners that a potential miracle occurred at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Connecticut. The incident in question involves an alleged multiplication of communion wafers during a mass in March. While the local Archdiocese investigated the matter, the Vatican will ultimately decide whether to recognize it as a genuine miracle.

According to reports, the event took place during a mass on March 5th at St. Thomas Catholic Church. Reverend Joseph Crowley, during the service, claimed that the communion hosts, commonly referred to as wafers, multiplied within the ciborium. The incident was witnessed by one person assisting with the distribution of the communion.

Rev. Crowley, visibly moved, shared the extraordinary occurrence with the congregation, expressing his awe and gratitude for what he believed to be a divine intervention. However, renowned author Michael O’Neill, known as ‘The Miracle Hunter,’ believes it will be challenging to prove the occurrence as a genuine miracle without concrete physical evidence.

Following the incident, the Archdiocese of Hartford initiated an investigation. Archbishop Leonard Blair appointed a priest well-versed in church law to look into the matter. This priest will determine whether the Vatican should be informed about the alleged miracle.

The Archdiocese’s spokesperson, David Elliot, stated that reports of such nature require referral to the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome, as per the standard procedure. The Dicastery, established to defend the Catholic Church from heresy, will provide guidance on how to proceed.

O’Neill, the author known as ‘The Miracle Hunter,’ acknowledges the testimony provided by Rev. Crowley and the parishioners. However, he highlights the difficulties faced by the church in presenting hard evidence to support the claims. While multiple witnesses may have seen and understood the extraordinary occurrence, the lack of physical proof poses a challenge in considering it a genuine miracle.

The Vatican will have the final say on whether the incident will be officially recognized as a miracle. The testimony and accounts provided by witnesses will be crucial in the decision-making process. The Archdiocese, seeking guidance from the Vatican, is patiently awaiting a response.