IRS Removes ‘Entire Investigative Team’ Over Hunter Biden Leak

In a surprising turn of events, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has removed the entire investigative team from the tax fraud probe into Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. This move, allegedly orchestrated by the Justice Department, is being seen as retaliation against an anonymous IRS whistleblower who revealed to Congress that there may be a cover-up in the case. The removal of the team, which comes five years after the investigation was launched, raises questions about the integrity of the probe and has sparked concerns of obstruction of a congressional inquiry.

Whistleblower Allegations and Removal

According to statements released by the legal team representing the IRS whistleblower, the agent and his entire investigative team were informed of their removal from the ongoing tax fraud investigation. The move was reportedly ordered by the Justice Department, as per the whistleblower’s legal team. The whistleblower had previously made disclosures to Congress, expressing concerns about a potential cover-up in the case involving Hunter Biden. The removal of the investigative team is widely regarded as a direct response to these disclosures, marking it as a “clearly retaliatory” action.

IRS Commissioner’s Testimony

The legal team representing the whistleblower also highlighted the contradiction between the removal of the investigative team and previous assurances made by IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel. In April, Werfel appeared before the House Committee on Ways and Means, stating unequivocally that there would be no retaliation against individuals making allegations or reaching out to the whistleblower hotline. The removal of the team, seen as an act of retaliation, directly contradicts Commissioner Werfel’s earlier statement, potentially constituting obstruction of a congressional inquiry.

Status of the Investigation

The tax fraud probe into Hunter Biden was initiated in 2018 following allegations of failure to pay taxes on millions of dollars earned through overseas business deals. Although the investigative team reportedly completed most of its work on the case last year, no charges have been brought against Hunter Biden thus far. The removal of the team raises questions about the impact on the investigation’s progress and whether it will continue under new leadership.

Implications and Concerns

The sudden removal of the entire investigative team from the tax fraud probe has drawn significant attention and concern. It raises suspicions about potential interference in the case and the impartiality of the investigation. Furthermore, the allegations of retaliation and obstruction of a congressional inquiry cast a shadow over the integrity of the process. The public and Congress await further clarification on the reasoning behind this decision and its potential impact on the investigation’s outcome.

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