Epstein Victim Demand FBI Investigated by Federal Government

The ongoing saga surrounding the late financier Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged sex trafficking operation has taken a new turn with demands for an inquiry into the FBI’s handling of the case.

Maria Farmer, who worked for Epstein in 1996, recently sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, requesting an investigation into the agency’s “failure to seriously investigate” Epstein and his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

In the letter, Farmer’s lawyer raises concerns about why the FBI seemingly overlooked one of the largest sex trafficking and child sex abuse material conspiracies in recent history. The document emphasizes the need for a comprehensive investigation to uncover the reasons behind the FBI’s failure to properly investigate, expose, and prosecute Epstein’s decades-long criminal conspiracy.

For many years, the public has called for accountability from the FBI and the U.S. government regarding their handling of the Epstein sex trafficking case. Numerous survivors have demanded a thorough examination of the FBI’s failures and missed opportunities. Jennifer Freeman, senior counsel at the Marsh Law Firm, wrote in the letter that the victims and the public deserve the truth.

The letter arrives in the midst of ongoing efforts to hold Epstein’s powerful associates accountable for their involvement in his crimes. The exposure of Epstein’s activities led to lawsuits against JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, revealing that banking executives were aware of the accusations against Epstein but continued to provide financial services for his illicit activities.

Lawsuits filed against JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank have requested class-action status, potentially involving more than 100 victims based on the banks’ financial records. These legal proceedings have also unearthed new evidence, including photos and videos related to Epstein’s victims. The court has directed the Epstein estate to review the materials and notify the FBI if any potentially contain child sex abuse imagery.

Maria Farmer, who had previously contacted the FBI about Epstein’s sexual abuse and possession of explicit images, expressed her frustration with the agency’s apparent inaction. She believes that the FBI prioritized wealth and power over the well-being of American children and hopes to see justice served for the victims before her time is up.

The FBI declined to comment on the matter, leaving the public to wonder why Epstein’s alleged crimes were not thoroughly investigated and prosecuted sooner. The demand for an inquiry reflects the urgent need to address the systemic failures within the U.S. government and ensure accountability for those involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking conspiracy.

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  1. The once most respected law enforcement group has hit hard times. They are going to wind up having trouble recruiting good candidates because no one wants to be associated with what they have been up to – just who is involved/responsible? Christopher Wray has to be some sort of BIG disappointment and/or he was always a part of the corruption. Either way he needs to go and they need a big name, extremely respected official who has been involved in some way with Law Enforcement – but most of all has integrity!! That won’t happen with this “President” and/or his handlers – God Forbid – we might wind up with something like the mafia as the new FBI!

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