RFK Jr. Pinned JFK’s Killing on the CIA

In a shocking turn of events, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the late Robert Kennedy, has dropped bombshell revelations about the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy (JFK). These startling claims were made in Kennedy Jr.’s blockbuster tell-all book, titled “American Values: Lessons I Learned From My Family.” The book, released just before Kennedy Jr.’s bid for the presidency in 2024, alleges that his father believed JFK’s assassination was a choreographed act by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to eliminate him permanently.

The Suspicion of CIA Involvement

Kennedy Jr. discloses that his father, Robert Kennedy, held immediate suspicions that the CIA was responsible for the death of JFK. In his book, Kennedy Jr. writes, “My dad immediately suspected that the CIA had killed Uncle Jack.” According to Kennedy Jr., his father wasted no time in taking action following the tragedy. “Immediately after Jack’s death, RFK sent his friend on a secret mission to Moscow to reassure the leadership that the family knew Castro nor Russia had anything to do with his death.”

Feud between the Kennedys and the CIA

The book delves into the Kennedy family’s years-long feud with the CIA, which intensified when JFK assumed office in 1961 and appointed his younger brother, Robert Kennedy, as Attorney General. The Kennedys aimed to exert control over CIA activities, as the agency was accountable only to the Director of National Intelligence and the sitting president. “My father had no trust in the FBI or CIA, and little faith in the Secret Service, which he’d tried to move from Treasury to the Justice Department,” Kennedy Jr. reveals in his book.

JFK’s Clash with the CIA

Kennedy Jr. claims that JFK’s decision to publicly blame the former CIA director, Allen Dulles, for the failed plan to invade Cuba and overthrow Fidel Castro ignited a bitter conflict between the administration and the intelligence agency. This move, according to Kennedy Jr.’s account, further strained the already fragile relationship between the Kennedys and the CIA.

A Premonition of Impending Doom

Kennedy Jr.’s book also highlights an eerie premonition that JFK seemed to have before his fateful visit to Dallas in November 1963, where he was tragically shot. Two weeks prior to his assassination, JFK visited Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans Day and remarked, “I could stay here forever.” This statement, as noted by Kennedy Jr., adds to the mystery surrounding JFK’s final days and raises questions about whether he sensed his impending doom.

The Official Investigation and Conclusion

While the FBI conducted extensive investigations into JFK’s assassination, concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, Kennedy Jr.’s revelations cast doubt on the official narrative. His claims of CIA involvement and his uncle’s premonition suggest a deeper conspiracy may have been at play.

Source: Radar Online

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  1. Gee, a popular theory that have been investigated for decades and debunked. I know RFK Jr. had a hard life (as hard as any son of extreme privilege can have), but he is another proof that even access to the best schools and tutors does not make a person smart, or sane (Trump is the other)

    It is hard to believe a single nut with a rifle could have so easily changed the course of our history, so we all take refuge in believing the grassy knoll or the CIA or aliens had a hand in it, but fact is we have no evidences of any of that nonsense.
    JFK was the greatest President that never was. Facts are that LBJ implemented most of JFK visions and at the same time chased the racist southern whites from the Democratic party to the GOP, which would use the same to win the election for Nixon after LBJ decided not to seek his 2nd term.
    Nixon gave up on Vietnam, open the USA to China and we all know the rest of this story

  2. geee i thought everyone already knew that The cia where as crooked back then as they are now along with the FBI Old man kennedy was a moon shine runner and Mafia JFK got in there way That was one part Then You have LBJ that made billions off the Nam yrs We blow it up he fix it at TAX payers expense That all pretty much old new So how did they bring it back to life

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