Who is Ron DeSantis’ VP Pick?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is reportedly eager to secure former Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as his running mate before formally announcing his bid for the 2024 presidential election, according to exclusive sources close to his campaign. The move comes as DeSantis aims to solidify a united front and maximize Republican support for his potential candidacy.

A Promising Choice:

Insiders familiar with DeSantis’ campaign reveal that he has set his sights on Sarah Huckabee Sanders as his preferred vice presidential pick. Following her victory in the race to become Arkansas’ first female governor, Sanders gained prominence within the Republican party. Sources claim that DeSantis sees her as the ideal running mate and hopes that their combined strength will make it difficult for Republicans to overlook their united front.

Formal Announcement on the Horizon:

DeSantis is reportedly determined to secure his running mate before making a formal announcement about his 2024 presidential bid. Sources suggest that once the vice presidential candidate is confirmed, DeSantis plans to reveal the information shortly thereafter. While no official statement has been released by DeSantis or his campaign, the anticipation surrounding his potential candidacy continues to grow.

Rebranding Efforts and Political Moves:

Recent political maneuvers by DeSantis indicate his intent to pursue a presidential campaign. Reports suggest that he has taken steps to rebrand his Florida political committee, signaling his readiness to shift his focus towards national politics. By distancing himself from the committee’s fundraising activities, DeSantis is taking the necessary measures to position himself for a potential run in the 2024 election.

Sanders’ Stance and Considerations:

Despite her close association with former President Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has not endorsed him for the GOP presidential nomination. While expressing her admiration for Trump and his leadership, she has maintained that her current focus lies elsewhere and not specifically on the 2024 election. Insiders indicate that Sanders may be deliberating over her options, considering the evolving landscape of the Republican Party and the potential influence of Trump’s continued presence.

The GOP’s New Direction:

Sources suggest that Sanders is intrigued by the prospect of aligning herself with DeSantis and embracing the emerging direction of the Republican Party. However, concerns about Trump’s ongoing influence and recent polling results are factors that she may be carefully considering. As the political landscape evolves, Sanders is said to be keeping her options open and monitoring the shifting dynamics within the GOP.

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  1. DeSantis is NOT an option, let’s move past this! No one can fix this cesspool EXCEPT ONE MAN AND THAT’S TRUMP! DeSantis needs to keep working to turn Florida deep red! I don’t know why people aren’t able to understand basic strategy for God’s sake!

    1. Yep, expecting DeSantis to run in 2028… possibly with the backing of Trump… but DeSantis may be too extreme for Trump or us by then…

  2. Dont think Sahra would do that to the Country . First off DeSantis has not said he IS running But if he does that would split the vote and GIVE it to bitme this time with out his stilling it

  3. I’m a Trump backer, but this is a good choice for DeSantis and may the force be with him. Ron is not trying to destroy his competition like DJT is. We need togetherness and cooperation to beat the cheating Dems. The Dems ‘methods’ of getting and counting votes must be corrected to ensure fair and legal elections. The Repubs leaders must demand this.

    1. Trump isn’t ‘destroying’ DeSantis… it’s just normal election bickering… even Crooked Hillary knew that… after Trump called her Crooked Hillary for years, there she was sitting in the front row of Trump’s 2016/17 Inauguration Ceremony…

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