King Charles’ Alleged Love Child has new Proof

Simon Dorante-Day, a 57-year-old man, has reignited global interest in his claim to be the secret love child of King Charles and Camilla. The release of an interview with the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, has provided what Dorante-Day believes to be evidence supporting his assertion. As he continues to seek the truth, Dorante-Day has called for a DNA test to finally establish his connection to the royal couple.

The Interview Revelation

In a recently released interview, Dr. George Carey made statements suggesting that Charles and Camilla’s relationship extended far beyond what is commonly known. Contrary to reports that the couple met in 1970, Carey revealed that they had known each other since their teenage years. He shared a conversation he had with Camilla, recalling their discussion about her relationship with Charles, dating back to their adolescence. Carey’s testimony has emboldened Dorante-Day’s claims.

Corroborating Research

Simon Dorante-Day has conducted extensive research to support his belief that he is the biological son of Charles and Camilla. He points to the lack of photographs of Camilla from late 1965 and early 1966, a period during which she would have been pregnant with him. Furthermore, Dorante-Day’s adoptive grandmother allegedly informed him that Charles and Camilla were his birth parents. Motivated by this revelation, he delved into historical records and publications, which consistently stated that the royal couple first met in 1972. The former Archbishop’s account aligns with Dorante-Day’s findings, strengthening his case.

Publicity and DNA Test

Since publicly asserting his claim in 2016, Simon Dorante-Day has actively sought opportunities to share his story. He believes that raising awareness and garnering media attention will compel King Charles and Camilla to agree to a DNA test. Dorante-Day’s primary goal is to establish the truth and confirm his biological relationship with the royal couple. By making his plight public, he hopes to persuade them to participate in this critical examination.

Adoptive Family’s Connection

Adding another layer to the story, Dorante-Day’s adoptive grandparents, Winifred and Ernest Bowlden, were reported to have worked for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip during the time of his adoption. This connection further fuels speculation and curiosity surrounding his true lineage.

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