Hunter Biden Takes Private Jet to Request Decreased Child Support Payments

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, recently flew to Arkansas on a luxurious private jet for a child-support hearing, where he claimed to be experiencing a “substantial material change” in his finances. The high-profile hearing, held in Batesville, Arkansas, drew attention not only for the means of Hunter Biden’s travel but also for the court’s inquiries into his financial records and the ensuing political criticism.

A Lavish Journey to the Hearing:
Hunter Biden traveled from Washington to Batesville, Arkansas, for the child-support hearing on a $6 million private jet owned by his close friend, Kevin Morris. The aircraft, a 2001 Dassault Falcon 50 previously owned by country singer Brad Paisley, transported Biden from Washington to the Newport Municipal Airport in Jackson County, just a few miles away from the Independence County Courthouse in Batesville. The luxurious mode of transportation underscored the attention surrounding the high-profile case.

Financial Records and Redacted Filings:
During the child-support hearing, Judge Holly Meyer ordered Hunter Biden to provide written answers regarding his current financial situation, including details of his investments, art sales, and other financial transactions. The judge also expressed dissatisfaction with the redacted filings submitted by Biden’s legal team, accusing them of abuse and ordering them to refile certain documents with fewer redactions. Lunden Roberts, the mother of Biden’s child, sought compensation for raising their daughter and argued that Biden had provided incomplete answers regarding his finances, specifically the identity of buyers of his artwork.

Gallery Subpoena and Political Criticism:
In response to Hunter Biden’s claim that he did not know the identity of the buyers of his artwork to avoid potential influence on his father’s administration, Judge Meyer informed Roberts’ lawyers that they could issue a subpoena to compel the gallery to disclose names and prices. The judge expressed surprise at the absence of valuation estimates. Hunter Biden’s legal battles have not gone unnoticed by Republican politicians, who have used them as an opportunity to criticize the sitting President. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton questioned why Hunter Biden did not seek financial assistance from his father’s donors and patrons instead of spending significant sums on private jets and expensive lawyers.

Secret Service Protection:
As the son of the President, Hunter Biden receives federally provided Secret Service protection, ensuring his safety during travel. It is standard protocol for Secret Service agents to accompany him on any flight he takes.

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  1. Wonder if Brad is a friend of hunters and loaned it to him The WHOLE bitme family are crooked as a worm So that should tll you what those that voted for them are

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