Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has settled a federal lawsuit accusing him of rape just as jury selection was about to commence. The lawsuit involved allegations by a woman who claimed that Gooding raped her twice in a hotel in New York City in 2013.

The unexpected settlement was reached minutes after the trial was set to begin in Manhattan federal court, leaving the terms undisclosed. This article delves into the latest developments in the case and the context surrounding Cuba Gooding Jr.’s legal troubles.

The Lawsuit and Allegations:

Cuba Gooding Jr., famous for his role in “Jerry Maguire,” had been scheduled to face trial over a woman’s accusations that he raped her on two separate occasions at the Mercer Hotel in Soho in August 2013.

The trial was set to commence in Manhattan federal court, but shortly after it was scheduled to begin, a note was entered into the case indicating that the parties had resolved the matter. The settlement terms, including the amount, were not disclosed. The woman had sought $6 million in damages.

Gooding’s Stance and Previous Legal Issues:

While Cuba Gooding Jr. did not deny the sexual encounter, he has consistently maintained that it was consensual.

In a previous case, the actor took a no-jail plea deal after being accused of groping three women in separate incidents in New York City. The settlement of the current lawsuit comes amidst ongoing legal challenges for Gooding, who has faced allegations of sexual misconduct by at least 30 women.

The Anonymous Accuser and Identity Disclosure:

The accuser initially filed the lawsuit anonymously in 2020. However, Manhattan US District Judge Paul Crotty instructed her to reveal her identity, as it could prejudice Gooding if the jury only knew her as Jane Doe. Despite the instruction, the woman did not refile the complaint with her true name, indicating a possible settlement was in the works.

Details of the Alleged Incident:

According to the woman’s claims, she met Cuba Gooding Jr. at Le Souk lounge, where they engaged in conversation. Gooding invited her to have drinks at his hotel, and once there, they consumed shots.

Allegedly, Gooding asked her to accompany him to his room to change clothes. Once in the room, he played music, stripped, and proceeded to grope her breasts despite her protests. The woman further alleged that Gooding raped her vaginally and anally.

The Settlement and Future Implications:

The resolution of the lawsuit against Cuba Gooding Jr. signifies a closure to this particular legal battle. While the terms of the settlement remain undisclosed, the outcome will likely have significant repercussions for all parties involved.

The woman’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, declined to comment on the settlement’s specifics, while Gooding’s legal representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.