The state’s new curriculum has recently caused debate in Florida’s educational environment. After Kamala Harris made comments implying that students in Florida will be taught that slaves benefited from slavery, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who is eyeing the 2024 presidential candidacy, invited her to talk about the issue. While promoting the school choice program, DeSantis’ letter to the vice president highlighted the state’s dedication to teaching facts rather than party narratives.

The new educational requirements, which include a section on African American history explaining how slaves acquired skills that could be useful to them personally, have drawn criticism from those who are against them. Despite the fact that DeSantis and his government tout Florida as the nation’s top education state and have prioritized the elimination of “hateful Marxist theories” like Critical Race Theory, the topic of slavery’s ramifications has generated interest and worry.

In his letter, Governor DeSantis emphasized his displeasure with the Biden administration’s inaccurate portrayal of Florida’s educational system and efforts to paint parents as radicals. He said that by mandating a thorough curriculum, the state had advanced as a leader in the teaching of African American history. In order to discuss the African American History standards, he invited the Vice President to Florida and emphasized the importance of an open and honest dialogue.

Vice President Kamala Harris politely declined the invitation, maintaining her position that “enslaved people did not benefit from slavery.” She chastised individuals who try to incite pointless arguments to split Americans, saying it is crucial to put an end to such initiatives. DeSantis, on the other hand, took advantage of the invitation to emphasize the importance of having a meaningful discussion about the issue.

Florida’s educational requirements have drawn criticism from all sides of the political spectrum. Some black Republicans have expressed worry with a sentence that refers to slaves learning skills for their own benefit. Republican critics have included Reps. Byron Donalds and John James, as well as Senator and presidential hopeful Tim Scott.

Governor DeSantis insists that Florida will continue to be open to open and honest discussion of key issues while the dispute plays out. It is uncertain if Vice President Harris will accept the offer and engage in conversation with the governor of Florida, potentially setting a precedent for the country on how to hold productive discussions on delicate subjects.