The recent DUI arrest of former Fox News reporter Ed Henry in Florida took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that he was driving with a mystery woman who made some intriguing allegations during the incident. The woman, described as a “leggy long-haired babe,” was caught on police bodycam video protesting Henry’s arrest and implying that it was the result of a “corrupt society.” She even discussed speaking with one of former President Donald Trump’s lawyers.

Henry was arrested for DUI on June 20 in West Palm Beach. The mysterious woman, who was dressed in a body-hugging white little dress, demanded to know if Henry had been told his Miranda rights. She informed the police that Henry would not speak until he had spoken with his counsel. The woman then accused the deputies of framing Henry because of his public support for former President Trump.

“Right now, we live in a corrupt society with a two-tiered legal system.” I know you work for who you work for…” she said as the officer cut her off.

Despite her firm attitude, the woman backed down when the police threatened her with handcuffs for obstructing an investigation. She objected at first, but eventually agreed to cooperate.

After Henry was taken to the county prison, the woman acknowledged being on the phone with one of Trump’s attorneys and confirmed that she was being driven home by a Lyft.

Henry’s arrest comes on the heels of numerous scandals in his life, including a pending federal sexual harassment complaint in 2020. Despite the arrest, Henry’s lawyer is optimistic that his client will be acquitted. According to the attorney, Henry cooperated with law police, submitted a breath sample below the legal limit, and is confident in a fair outcome.

Despite the issues, Ed Henry’s wife, CNN producer Shirley Hung, has remained by him. As Henry’s legal actions progress, the mystery woman’s involvement and accusations add an intriguing twist to the incident.