Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s seclusion has been jeopardized by a YouTuber’s prank, which has raised fears about their safety. Andy Signore, the Popcorned Palace YouTube channel’s owner, indicated in a video that he would organize a demonstration outside the Duke and Duchess’ Montecito residence. Signore’s intended “Worldwide Privacy Tour” was inspired by a satirical portrayal of the couple in the South Park cartoon series, in which they were represented as the “Prince and Princess of Canada” demanding solitude.

Signore’s YouTube video mocked the idea of taking a coach bus to transport himself and his viewers from Los Angeles to Montecito, complete with placards and megaphones demanding privacy outside the royal couple’s mansion. However, the statements sparked an outpouring of criticism online, causing Signore to clarify that they were intended as a jest and to dissuade any abuse.

Despite the lighthearted tone, data researcher Christopher Bouzy of Bot researcher, a company that studies troll and bot networks on social media, noted the growth of new accounts targeting Meghan and Harry. Bouzy voiced concern about the recent increase in efforts by YouTubers to target the couple offline and engage in a “targeted harassment tour.” He urged that the royal couple obtain a restraining order to guarantee their safety in view of the increased harassment.

While the hoax movie was meant to be satirical, it highlights fundamental points about the privacy and security challenges that prominent figures face in the digital era. As internet negativity grows and poses possible threats to people’s safety, looking into legal options to defend their well-being becomes increasingly important.