Gradacac, in northeastern Bosnia, was the scene of a horrifying and sad episode when a bodybuilder went on a terrifying killing spree that claimed the lives of three people, including his ex-wife. Adding to the unsettling experience was the fact that Nermin Sulejmanovic live-streamed the whole violent scene on Instagram, providing a graphic and scary glimpse into his insane behavior.

Shockwaves swept across the neighborhood and beyond after the horrific incident on that fateful Friday. Sulejmanovic captured his violent rampage on camera in three different recordings, each documenting a murderous deed.

With a terrifying statement that he was going to perform a live execution, Sulejmanovic opened the first video. Then he displayed his severely battered ex-wife on a porch while making ominous comments about her. He shot her in the head in the middle of his eerie remark, taking her life in an act of terrifying violence.

Sulejmanovic persisted in using the live-streaming service to share his rage with his Instagram fan base. The woman’s child, who could be heard sobbing in the background, was discovered to be his child in later footage. His claims that she had kept him from seeing their child for almost a week were what drove him to act in a deranged and angry manner.

While being chased by the police, Sulejmanovic continued to video live feeds as they were closing in on him. His startling admission that he had killed two more persons off-camera came during these broadcasts. Further tragic events were added when law enforcement officials revealed that he had shot and killed a man and his son on the street.

That was not the end of the horrific violence spree. Sulejmanovic succeeded in causing further agony and misery by shooting and injuring a woman, another male, and a police officer before killing himself. The massacre caused devastation and heartache that shook the entire country and had a profound impact on the community.

At least 12,000 people watched the horrifying events as they happened thanks to the unsettling live-streamed videos, which drew an unsettling audience. A lot of people are dealing with the unimaginable brutality and its fallout after the occurrence, which has provoked anger and sadness. Investigators and law enforcement officials are devoting their lives to piecing together the reasons behind this terrible disaster and providing some form of insight to a really uncomfortable incident that has left a town in ruins.