Despite playing in the major leagues, Wander Franco, the standout shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays, may still have a soft spot for minors. On social media, the shortstop was accused of dating and cultivating a 14-year-old girl.

One of the irate posts about the baseball star said, “This is a great baseball player if that’s what you can call Mr. Wander Samuel Franco, a narcissist who is with younger girls,” when translated into English.

Halfway through Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Guardians, Franco, 22, reportedly left the dugout as whispers about his concerning relationship started to circulate, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

His abrupt departure and lack of playing time coincided with Tropicana Field’s free Wander Franco Snapback Hats for spectators 14 and under.

Later on Sunday, the Tampa Bay Rays released a statement in which they stated that “during” the game, they were “made aware of the social media posts” pertaining to their star player.

Shortly after the game, they released a statement saying, “We take the situation seriously and are in close contact with Major League Baseball as it conducts its due diligence.”

It has been claimed that Franco did not board the plane to San Francisco, where his club is scheduled to play the Giants this coming week.

While the Tampa Bay Rays are still investigating these concerning claims, Franco took to social media to refute the accusations in an extremely risky Instagram live.

As per a translation on social media, he allegedly stated, “They say that I’m in public with a little girl, that I’m running around with a minor.” “People are clueless about how to spend their time. They have no idea what they’re discussing. I would much rather stick to myself and avoid relationships for this reason.

Our best hope is that these rumors are untrue, and if they are, that he stays far, far away from any young person, league or girl.