The Barbie movie, which has made a billion-dollar profit at the box office, has encountered difficulty in Algeria. The film’s distributors opted to remove it from theaters because of worries that its content may promote “damaging morals.” Prior to receiving more public notice, the prohibition was first reported on 24H Algérie, a private news website in Algeria.

Barbie had attracted tens of thousands of fans throughout her three-week run in Algerian theaters. The nation’s ministry of culture, however, asked that the movie be taken down. Reuters cited a “official source” who stated that the Algerian culture ministry was against Barbie’s LGBTQ+ representation because the movie’s plot could “promote homosexuality” and was against the country’s religious and cultural values. However, no official explanation was given.

Algeria is not the only nation to object to the content of Barbie. For identical grounds, the movie was also outlawed in Kuwait and Lebanon. Lebanon charged that the film promoted homosexuality and minimized the importance of the family, while Kuwait voiced worries that it encouraged “unacceptable behavior” and damaged social values. The film was subjected to a censorship review in Dubai before to its release in Pakistan.

On the other hand, Barbie was allowed to be screened in theaters in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates following necessary content modifications. But a sequence in the movie that showed the controversial nine-dash line that the Chinese government drew caused a stir in a number of Asian markets, including Vietnam and the Philippines.

At the worldwide box office, the Barbie movie is still growing even though it is prohibited in some areas. In just 17 days after its premiere, the movie achieved the remarkable milestone of $1 billion and is swiftly rising to the top of Warner Bros.’ list of most commercially successful movies ever.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling play Barbie and Ken, respectively, in Greta Gerwig’s film, which examines life in Barbie Land and the difficulties its residents encounter, including an existential crisis. In addition to a stellar ensemble, Barbie delves into a number of themes and incorporates LGBTQ+ representation. The bans have little effect on the movie’s box office appeal, which confirms its status as a hit.