Fresh information about Hunter Biden’s legal defense plan has surfaced, including a possible plan that included calling President Joe Biden to testify on his son’s behalf.

Last year, Hunter Biden’s attorneys forewarned prosecutors that they would take the President to testify on the witness stand if criminal charges were filed against him. The developing legal drama involving the younger Biden gains further depth with this news.

Hunter’s Lawful Advise

In October 2022, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, informed prosecutors of the defense’s intention to include President Biden in the case through letter.

This letter was sent in response to a press leak claiming that federal authorities had sufficient proof to accuse Hunter of obtaining a firearm illegally while under the influence of crack cocaine. Politico was able to get a 32-page memo that suggested President Biden may play a significant role in the defense if Hunter was charged.

President Biden’s testimony could be crucial to the defense’s case, as Clark’s letter made clear. It also brought attention to the possible political and constitutional mayhem that could ensue from the current President being put on trial for a crime against his own Justice Department.

Effect on Plea Agreement

The disclosure clarifies the circumstances that gave rise to Hunter Biden’s most recent legal battle. On July 26, the 53-year-old Biden entered a not guilty plea to federal tax and firearms charges in Delaware.

Previously, a plea agreement was being considered, but congressional Republicans objected to what they saw as its perceived leniency. But US District Judge Maryellen Noreika pulled out of the agreement, stating that she was worried about ongoing investigations into other possible crimes that Hunter might have committed, such as not registering as a foreign agent.

The letter’s disclosure of the defense’s threat to call President Biden as a witness puts the initial plea agreement’s failure in context and sheds light on the nuanced nature of the prosecution’s case strategy.

Constitutional Concerns and the Political Environment

The heated political environment surrounding the case worried Hunter Biden’s legal team. They contended that political pressure, especially from Republican lawmakers, might have a significant impact on the case. In addition, Clark’s letter hinted to the possibility of a “resulting Constitutional crisis” in the event that the President was called to testify in his own son’s criminal prosecution.

The concerns expressed by the defense highlight the complex relationship that exists between the judicial process and political dynamics in high-profile cases, particularly when members of powerful political families are involved.