Outrage and anger have been generated by President Joe Biden’s recent comparison of the destructive wildfires in Hawaii to a small kitchen fire that occurred at his Delaware home 20 years ago. While touring the wildfire-ravaged island of Maui with First Lady Jill Biden, the president made a startling analogy that sparked strong criticism from both locals and opponents.

The president related the tale of a kitchen fire that occurred in his Wilmington house in 2004 and contrasted it with the suffering endured by individuals impacted by the wildfires in Hawaii that resulted in the deaths of over 115 people. Biden’s version, however, has been refuted by numerous sources, who claim that the fire he described was little and was quickly put out in less than 20 minutes.

The 2004 incident was deemed “insignificant” by Delaware’s Cranston Heights Fire Company, which also stressed that although it was noteworthy for the homeowner, the fire department did not need to respond extensively.

Locals have questioned the propriety and sensitivity of comparing the extensive destruction inflicted by the Maui wildfires to a tiny kitchen fire, prompting strong criticism of President Biden’s statement. His comparison was viewed by many as being unsuitable and inconsiderate given the severity of the incident.

Residents of Maui heckled President Biden when he arrived, causing a turbulent welcome for him on his visit to the island. “Go home Joe!” was screamed by protesters as they voiced their annoyance at what they saw as insufficient government assistance for the island devastated by wildfires.

Critics drew attention to the disparity between Biden’s statements and his actions on the ground, and some locals questioned why the island wasn’t receiving more aid and support. Signs and slogans condemning the president’s response to the accident and calling for more significant action interrupted the president’s visit.

President Biden’s remarks have sparked a wider discussion on how to effectively assist and show empathy for communities in the wake of major disasters, even while the controversy rages on. The incident emphasizes how crucial it is to communicate with consideration and civility when things are dire.