Reports have emerged of desperate Democrats holding back-channel conversations to pressure Michelle Obama to run for president in the 2024 election as the election draws nearer. According to insider sources, recent polls have caused the party to lose faith in President Joe Biden, since Michelle Obama is garnering extensive support and even outperforming Biden in terms of numbers.

According to a recent poll, President Biden’s 36 percent approval rating would be eclipsed by Michelle Obama’s 48 percent if she entered the race. The poll’s findings have sparked a push to nominate Michelle Obama for president, particularly in light of a different survey that shown former President Donald Trump to be much ahead of any prospective opponents despite his legal troubles.

Leading Democrats are uneasy because Republican voters seem to think that Trump has the best chance of beating Biden. Raising doubts about Biden’s performance and the possibility of a third-party candidate entering the race have intensified calls to draft Michelle Obama.

According to sources, Michelle Obama would have a significant advantage in the race if she announced her candidacy. Many think that if she entered, the race would become a one-sided win rather than a genuine struggle.

It’s interesting to note that former President Barack Obama, the spouse of Michelle Obama, also seems to have been involved in behind-the-scenes politics. Although he has openly backed Biden, there are rumors that he has been mobilizing congressional backing for a different 2024 contender because of worries about Biden’s polling numbers and perceived shortcomings.

According to sources, Barack Obama is aware of how serious the situation is and worries that Joe Biden’s performance might not be sufficient to win. Obama is supposedly prepared to break from Biden even though he publicly endorsed him if he feels that the election is at risk.

As political unrest increases as the 2024 election approaches, rumors about Michelle Obama running for office persist. Democrats are reportedly aggressively looking for ways to assist her campaign, motivated by the idea that she might be able to break through Trump’s political dominance and bring the party together.

The possibility of Michelle Obama running for president in 2024 has certainly shaken up the political scene, and both Democrats and Republicans are eagerly awaiting any developments, even though the talks and preparations are still being discussed behind closed doors.