Famous actor Tom Cruise, who has starred in many successful films, has long been connected to the Church of Scientology, but new rumors indicate that he may have broken ties with the divisive group. As a prominent follower of the Church for many years, Cruise is said to have given Scientology considerable influence over his personal life. But there have been reports circulating that he has chosen to sever his relationship with the organization.

The Mirror claims that Cruise’s purported exit from Scientology is demonstrated by his nonattendance at the UK Scientology headquarters during his three-year stay in the UK for filming. He has also not been seen at the major London Church of Scientology headquarters. Considering the actor’s close ties to the Church and how it has impacted his personal life—including his marriages and family relationships—this choice comes as a surprise.

Early in 2021, there were rumors that Cruise might leave Scientology, citing a “religious crisis.” The actor hasn’t addressed these rumors, though. His affiliation with Scientology has been linked to a number of his life events, such as his divorces from Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman. There is a lot of conjecture regarding the influence of the Church on Cruise’s personal relationships as a result of its involvement in these well-publicized divorces.

According to reports, Katie Holmes’ wish to remove herself and her daughter Suri from Scientology’s influence was the reason behind Cruise and Holmes’ 2012 divorce. After the divorce was finalized, she was granted sole custody of their daughter and enrolled her in a Catholic school. It is thought that Cruise’s membership in Scientology played a role in his limited interactions with Suri, who is currently 17 years old.

Although it is still unknown, Cruise’s exit from Scientology may have an effect on his ties with Connor and Isabella, his two oldest children. Tom may be pulling away from the Church, but his two grown children are still ardent Scientologists. 2019 saw the public disclosure by his daughter Isabella of her high-ranking position as an auditor for the church, which entails questioning other Scientologists about their personal life. There were raised eyebrows when she endorsed the religion in a promotional video.

In the event that Cruise decides to quit Scientology, his family dynamics may change. His alleged departure may allow him to reunite with Suri after years apart, even if his relationship with his eldest children may suffer because of their commitment to the Church.

If accurate, Tom Cruise’s alleged split from Scientology would represent a dramatic change in his life and convictions, which would have an effect on his future relationships and personal decisions.