As the Republican contenders gathered center stage for the first presidential debate of the 2024 race, the setting was set for fireworks to burst forth. The candidates took advantage of the absence of former President Donald Trump to present their positions and get into contentious discussions. There were many different points of view and calculated attacks during the debate, which covered topics ranging from foreign policy to climate change to pardoning Trump.

Below is a summary of some of the more interesting scenes from the two-hour battle:

  1. Pence’s Pardon Standoff: Following Vivek Ramaswamy’s challenge to pledge to pardon Donald Trump on his first day of office, former vice president Mike Pence found himself under fire. Pence’s refusal to provide such a guarantee brought attention to the ambiguity surrounding Trump’s legal status. Pence stressed the need to wait for a decision and the person’s remorse before considering a pardon, even if she did not completely rule it out.
  2. Unwavering Support for Trump: Most of the contenders said they would back Trump as the party’s nominee even if he were found guilty of a crime, notwithstanding his current legal troubles. Asa Hutchinson, the former governor of Arkansas, and Chris Christie were the exception. Christie used the occasion to express her disapproval of Trump’s actions and to demand that some behaviors cease to be accepted as usual.
  3. Conflict with Vivek Ramaswamy: FL Governor Ron DeSantis, who was first regarded as the front-runner, got into a heated argument with Vivek Ramaswamy. As Ramaswamy’s poll numbers increased, Pence and Christie started to target him. He was criticized for what was seen as inexperience and for his promise to pardon Trump. Pence and Christie both questioned his political experience and preparedness, and DeSantis was sidelined during the exchange.
  4. Debates on Abortion and Climate Change: The debate brought differences in these two areas to light. Christie chastised Ramaswamy for his controversial claim that climate change is a hoax, which angered the audience. The candidates discussed their views on abortion prohibitions; DeSantis and Haley stated that they were in favor of stronger legislation. Pence and Scott supported a federal prohibition in order to offset the possibility of different state legislation.
  5. Nikki Haley’s Female Perspective: Leaning into her distinct viewpoint, Nikki Haley was the lone female performer. She cited a remark from Margaret Thatcher to highlight the significance of female leadership. Haley pressed her rivals on their views on abortion, arguing in favor of a more complex strategy that takes into account a number of different factors.
  6. Disagreement on Ukraine: The contenders voiced contrasting opinions about US assistance to Ukraine. DeSantis and Ramaswamy supported refusing aid in exchange for larger contributions from European countries. Other candidates, though, defended Ukraine’s support against Russian influence. Drawing on her background as a former ambassador to the United Nations, Haley disagreed with Ramaswamy’s position and charged that he was supporting Russia.
  7. Haley’s Attack on Spending: Haley attacked the financial accountability histories of her opponents, calling out Trump, DeSantis, Scott, and Pence for their contributions to the growth of the national debt. She attributed the economic difficulties to Republicans as well, deflecting attention from President Biden. Haley emphasized the earmarks that Republicans had asked for and pushed for budgetary responsibility.

The first Republican presidential debate of 2024 turned out to be a forum for heated arguments, policy discussions, and pivotal moments that will probably influence how the candidates’ campaigns develop. These discussions and stances will remain crucial in shaping voters’ perceptions of each candidate and the direction the Republican Party is taking as the election progresses.