Former President Donald Trump made vicious comments about President Joe Biden in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, making fun of his appearance and his beach vacations. The interview was conducted on Wednesday evening, the same night as Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s first GOP debate.

In the conversation, 77-year-old Trump berated 80-year-old Biden for being “worse mentally than he is physically.” He went on to say that Biden is not in good physical condition, claiming that even short walks are difficult for him. By criticizing Biden’s “skinny legs” and making fun of his beach vacations, Trump suggested that the President ought to be concentrating on more pressing issues.

Trump’s remarks regarding Biden’s beach outings provoked more criticism. He implied that Biden’s beach vacation did not fit with his responsibilities as President and questioned the purpose of Biden’s beach break. Biden’s enjoyment of his free time by the sea should not take precedence over the resolution of the current war between Russia and Ukraine, according to Trump.

The outgoing President continued by asserting that the Russo-Ukrainian war would not have begun if he was still in power, implying that Biden is “incompetent” and unable to manage the situation skillfully.

During the conversation, Trump also discussed his Republican opponents who were taking part in the GOP debate concurrently. He suggested that politicians like Chris Christie, Mike Pence, and Ron DeSantis shouldn’t even be contesting for president. He also made subtle jabs at Fox News, the network that was hosting the debate, implying that he was far ahead of his Republican rivals in the polls.

It is noteworthy that Trump’s legal disputes coincided with his appearance with Tucker Carlson. He was scheduled to turn himself in in Georgia that same day in answer to charges. In spite of facing legal problems and maintaining his status as a major member of the Republican Party, Trump’s trademark boldness and readiness to publicly express his ideas on a wide range of topics were on full display throughout the interview.