Ryan Walters, the superintendent of the State of Oklahoma, has sparked controversy by calling for the immediate dismissal of Shane Murnan, a drag queen (also known as “Shantel Mandalay,” the principal of an elementary school. Murnan is the principal of John Glenn Elementary School at the moment, and several state authorities and parents are concerned about his unusual role.

Uproar Regarding Drag Queen Principal:

The choice of a drag queen to lead the school is strongly disapproved of by superintendent Ryan Walters, who claims that it goes against “Oklahoma values.” The advent of gender theory into schools and what he called “woke left-wing indoctrination” were of particular concern to parents, he noted.

In his argument that this ideological blending is a component of a larger scheme, Walters charges that the left is attempting to split up families and instill extreme Marxist gender ideals in the brains of the youth in order to eventually turn them into Democratic voters.

Drag Queens’ Function and Disputation:

Some parents have expressed worry about Shane Murnan, also known as Shantel Mandalay in drag, because he has participated in children’s reading programs at the Metropolitan Library System to honor Pride.

In addition, Murnan had previously been charged with child pornography; however, these accusations were dropped more than 20 years ago. The reason for the dismissal was purportedly the incapacity to substantiate the claims that the aforementioned photos featured people younger than eighteen. Although the school system was aware of the previous accusations, it was enthusiastic about Murnan’s plans for the town and John Glenn Elementary.

In response, the superintendent said:

Superintendent Walters criticized Murnan’s selection to the position of school principal, calling it “outrageous” for a drag queen to be in charge of a learning institution. Additionally, he contended that such appointments ought not to be permitted since they would endanger students’ safety and education.

Walters expressed worries about the left’s goals and its attempts to ingrain particular ideas in pupils. He thinks it is harmful and polarizing to introduce ideas like gender fluidity and questioning family values in the school.