Resurfacing on TikTok, an interesting moment between Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and Princess of Wales Kate Middleton at a 2022 movie premiere in London has piqued interest in their brief meeting.

In 2022, Kate and Cruise went to a number of events together, such as the Wimbledon tennis championships in London and Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee equestrian procession at Windsor Castle. But their memorable encounter happened during the UK premiere of Cruise’s hit movie “Top Gun: Maverick,” which took place in London’s Leicester Square.

Alongside her husband, Prince William, Kate was invited as a guest of honor to the premiere. Wearing a chic monochromatic Roland Mouret gown, she looked stunning. Cruise and a number of the film’s cast members greeted the royal couple on the red carpet.

Kate is seen meeting Cruise at the premiere in a video that was resurrected on TikTok and shared by user catherinegulgapar on September 4. The moment Cruise offered to hold Kate’s hand as she ascended a set of specially constructed steps on the red carpet was the high point of the evening. At first, Kate took Cruise up the first flight of stairs after she accepted his gesture. But she decided to take on the second flight of steps by herself.

Some fans observed Kate shifting her clutch bag from one hand to the other as she ascended, and it has been suggested that she did this to prevent Cruise from making the same valiant handshake gesture.

The TikTok video, captioned “Tom Cruise smitten with Princess Catherine,” has received over 120,000 views, over 6,000 likes, and a plethora of comments. It has also sparked a debate regarding royal tradition and Cruise’s gesture.

Although some people thought Cruise made a gentlemanly move, others thought it would have been uncomfortable for him. Holding a member of the royal family’s hand has also been criticized by some, despite the fact that there is no formal procedure for this kind of physical contact.

Cruise and Kensington Palace refrained from discussing the event at the time of the May 2022 premiere, and Cruise hasn’t brought it up in any of his later interviews.

An further royal encounter in Cruise’s career is this one from the “Top Gun: Maverick” premiere, where he and Kate interacted. Remarkably, he and his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, were depicted together at the London premiere of their 1992 film “Far and Away” and attended Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997.

Tom Cruise’s meetings with royalty are still a source of fascination for the general public, and this TikTok video that was just discovered sparked new discussion about their special meeting.