President Joe Biden spoke about the recent revelation of an impeachment investigation led by Republicans and started by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. President Biden addressed the impeachment process during a campaign reception in McLean, Virginia, saying, “I don’t know exactly why, but they just knew they wanted to impeach me.” And from what I’ve been able to gather, they want to shut down the government, which is why they want to impeach me.”

President Biden declared his resolve to carry out his responsibilities and underlined his focus on tackling the problems that the American people face on a daily basis. He emphasized his commitment to attending to the interests and problems of the country by emphasizing that he does not start each day thinking about impeachment.

Earlier this week, House Speaker McCarthy, a Republican from California, said that the impeachment investigation had begun. McCarthy had previously declared that he would hold a floor vote before moving forward with an impeachment investigation. The investigation was decided to begin after House Republicans spent months looking into President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. These investigations have not turned up any proof that the president committed any wrongdoing or connected him to his son’s international business ventures.

McCarthy appointed James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, Chairman of the Oversight Committee, Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Jason Smith, a Republican from Missouri, to head the impeachment investigation. Comer has affirmed that the committee will have a hearing later this month to assess any possible legal infractions by the Biden family; however, the hearing’s precise date and agenda have not been disclosed.

Congress has until September 30 to approve government funding in order to avoid a government shutdown. This news of the impeachment investigation comes just before that deadline. Hard-line Republican members of Congress are pushing legislation that would cut spending and eventually need President Biden’s assent to finance the government. Washington, D.C.’s political environment is made more complex and tense by the impeachment investigation and the impending budget deadline.