President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has sued the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), claiming that the organization breached its privacy by disclosing his tax information without authorization. The case, which was submitted to a federal court in Washington, DC, is a noteworthy advancement in Hunter Biden’s legal battles. He was just charged with a felony involving a pistol and may face further tax-related accusations.

  1. The Accusations

The main contention of Hunter Biden’s case is that his right to privacy was violated by the IRS’s unauthorized disclosure of his tax return information. Additionally, he claims that insufficient measures were taken by the IRS to preserve the privacy of his tax records. Hunter Biden is pursuing a number of remedies in his lawsuit, including attorneys’ costs, $1,000 for each improper disclosure, and access to all papers pertaining to the disclosures that were made without authorization.

The two IRS officers who became whistleblowers, Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley, are not named as defendants in the lawsuit. Nonetheless, it centers on revelations made by these agents and their legal representatives in a number of interviews, public comments, and congressional testimony. The lawsuit will be supervised by Donald Trump appointment Judge Timothy Kelly.

Difficult Legal Battle

Hunter Biden’s legal team contends that by publicly revealing and sharing his protected tax return information outside of the legally allowed exclusions, IRS agents Shapley and Ziegler broke their duties. According to the lawsuit, the agents did more than just confirm that Hunter Biden’s taxes were being investigated; they also gave specific allegations, such as information regarding deductions and tax liabilities for particular tax years.

According to the lawsuit, Hunter Biden allegedly deducted personal expenses from his business, such as those for “prostitutes, sex club memberships, and hotel rooms for purported drug dealers,” during an interview with CBS News in late June. Shapley further claimed that Biden was in arrears on $2.2 million in unpaid taxes.

Shapley’s attorneys’ response

Gary Shapley’s lawyers have referred to Hunter Biden’s lawsuit as a “frivolous smear” and said that their client and Ziegler had only spoken about material that was permitted by whistleblower legislation. They contend that the agents have operated legally and that Congress has the right to hear revelations regarding taxpayer information due to taxpayer privacy protections.

Continuous Tensions

Hunter Biden’s attorneys are believed to have tried to get the Justice Department to take retaliatory action against the IRS officers for disclosing information that was protected by whistleblower laws, which has led to a steady increase in tensions within the probe. Because Hunter Biden is the son of the current U.S. President, he has garnered significant attention as this intricate legal struggle has played out in the public light.