Surprisingly, Republican South Carolina Representative Jeff Duncan, a longtime supporter of “traditional family values,” is being accused of having many extramarital affairs during his 34-year marriage. These disclosures were made public by divorce documents that his wife, Melody Duncan, filed, in which she accused the conservative lawmaker of desertion and hypocrisy. The allegations have called into question the veracity of Duncan’s public persona as an ardent supporter of traditional family values.

Accusations Made

In a Friday-submitted divorce document, Melody Duncan exposed her husband’s purported adultery. She said that Jeff Duncan had left their family behind to live with his lover, a lobbyist who was said to be based in Washington, D.C. According to the court filings, Duncan freely acknowledged having an extramarital affair and told everyone about it, including his staff and their three sons.

The claim that Duncan allegedly staged this affair in front of his wife while also presenting his supporters with a happy marriage during his reelection campaign is especially startling. The core of his political character is called into question by these accusations.

An Open Expression of Unanimity

There is significance in the timing of these revelations. At his 12th annual Faith and Freedom BBQ, a well-known Republican get-together in South Carolina, Duncan openly hailed Melody as a “supportive and loving wife” just one month prior to the divorce filing. This public affirmation of their union seems to run counter to the allegations made in the divorce decree.

After this incident, Duncan allegedly left for the Washington, D.C. region, where his paramour, Liz Williams, lives, according to Melody’s declaration. According to Melody, he still resides there.

Public Knowledge of the Purported Incidents

Additionally, the divorce filing raises the possibility that Duncan’s extramarital affairs are well-known in Washington, D.C. and North Carolina political circles. It claims that Duncan has disseminated tales of a loveless union with Melody in an effort to defend his purported hypocrisy.

In addition, although Duncan has acknowledged having an affair with Liz Williams, his spouse thinks there might be one more unreported romance.

The Link Between Lobbying

On the lobbying disclosure page of the U.S. House, it is noteworthy that Liz Williams & Co. is a registered lobbying business. Delta Air Lines is one of the clients this firm covers. The connection between Duncan and this lobbying business raises concerns about the nature of their relationship and its effect on his political actions, even though the divorce file doesn’t provide specific information.

Something to Say Against “Traditional Family Values”

The allegations of infidelity made by Representative Jeff Duncan and the consequent application for divorce seriously undermine his political reputation as a fervent supporter of “traditional family values.” Duncan highlights his dedication to upholding America’s foundational principles and safeguarding the nuclear family in his official government page statement. But these accusations now cast doubt on the veracity of these assertions.

It will be interesting to see how Duncan’s supporters and associates respond to these accusations as the story develops. Requests for comment have not yet received a response from either Melody’s attorneys or Duncan’s agents, placing this controversy at the center of South Carolina politics and posing significant queries regarding the compatibility of private behavior and public advocacy.