Reportedly paid close to $750,000, former first lady Michelle Obama recently gave an hour-long address on diversity and inclusion in Germany.

At Munich’s annual Bits and Pretzels forum, Obama spoke to an estimated 5,000 people. He emphasized the value of inclusiveness and diversity and urged the audience to get over their self-doubt.

Not only has this astounding compensation garnered notice because to its size, but it also surpassed her husband, President Joe Biden,’s yearly income. Here, we explore the specifics of this noteworthy speech engagement and its ramifications.

The Lucrative Speech

Highlight of this year’s Bits and Pretzels forum in Munich was Michelle Obama’s hour-long lecture about diversity and inclusion. Remarkably, the ex-first lady—who is also an attorney—charged an astounding 700,000 euros, or around $741,000. The Daily Mail said that two unidentified persons close to the conference organizers verified this hefty payoff.

Michelle Obama was reportedly in great demand, constantly ranking among the most popular selections for forum attendees year after year, according to the event’s organizers. In an attempt to get her to come, they paid one of the biggest fees ever for a speaker at the function.

Comparing Income

Her one-hour speech cost $741,000, almost twice as much as her former colleague, President Joe Biden, who makes $400,000 year. The high speaking fee Michelle Obama received indicates how much her opinions and insights are valued on important issues like diversity and inclusion.

Notably, Michelle Obama could normally be hired for speaking engagements for $200,000, while her husband, the former President Barack Obama, could command a fee of $400,000, according to an Axios article from 2017.

Increasing Income

Since leaving public office, Michelle and Barack Obama’s wealth has increased significantly. Books and podcasts, among other media endeavors, have been the main sources of this financial increase. For her best-selling memoir, Michelle Obama in particular received an astounding $65 million book advance. Additionally, the couple signed a lucrative $50 million contract with Netflix to create original programming.

In addition, Barack Obama receives favorable tax treatment, which lowers his tax liability, due to his role as a “strategic partner” with NBA Africa, which manages the Basketball Africa League on the continent.

The couple is one of the wealthiest former presidential spouses in American history; estimates of their combined net worth range from $70 million to $135 million.