The arrest of an individual from Queens on firearm-related charges two years ago has recently exposed a complex network of illicit behavior, thereby eliciting astonishment. During the course of their investigation into the arrest of Angel Almeida in November 2021, federal investigators inadvertently discovered a disturbing cult with Satanic and pedophilic tendencies, identified as “764.” Almeida was initially charged with the offense of unlawfully possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. However, later discoveries brought to light the abhorrent behaviors associated with this cult.

The Investigation of the Cult

The examination of Angel Almeida’s online presence prompted federal authorities to delve into a disconcerting and ominous trajectory. Almeida was implicated in anonymous reports that connected him to social media profiles containing abhorrent content related to child sexual assault. These profiles included an Instagram account with the handle “@necropedocell,” which displayed a distressing photograph depicting a restrained and silenced youngster. The internet presence of Almeida suggested the existence of more profound and malevolent engagements.

During the search of Almeida’s residence, the investigators uncovered distressing findings. The investigation yielded numerous discoveries, including the presence of numerous files containing explicit content depicting child sexual assault on multiple electronic devices. Additionally, a collection of literature pertaining to the Order of Nine Angels (O9A) and the ideology of Satanism was also uncovered. In a rather disconcerting manner, the researchers stumbled upon an illustration of a hooded individual encircled by the group’s emblematic representations, which had been conspicuously stained with a substance like blood.

The Peril Posed by Cult 764

In September, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a public notice informing the general public about the presence of a group known as “764.” This organization was characterized as a “violent online collective” that purposefully sought out and victimized minors on messaging platforms that are accessible to the public. The techniques employed by this group are characterized by their malicious nature, which includes engaging in activities such as extortion, manipulation, and blackmail. Their primary objective is to exploit individuals who are in vulnerable positions, with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ adolescents, racial minorities, and individuals with mental health challenges. These individuals are coerced into documenting various harmful actions, including self-harm, animal abuse, sexual acts, and in extreme cases, even suicide.

Cult 764 is present across multiple platforms, encompassing Roblox, Discord, Twitch, Soundcloud playlists, and the encrypted chat application Telegram. According to estimates by researchers, the number of individuals belonging to this group is believed to potentially reach thousands, with a significant portion actively engaging in their reprehensible actions.

The global implications of a certain phenomenon or event refer to the wide-ranging consequences and impacts it has on a global scale. These implications

The official acknowledgement of 764’s existence in the United States by the FBI represented a significant milestone, however it is worth noting that the cult had already garnered attention in international news prior to this. The German adolescent who stands accused of the homicide of his Romanian foster family was suspected of having affiliations with a certain group, as evidenced by the presence of tattoos depicting swastikas, “764,” and “necro” – a term also present in one of Almeida’s Instagram usernames.

The potential legal ramifications for Almeida

Angel Almeida is currently confronted with a range of serious allegations, encompassing the possession of child pornography as well as the endeavor to entice minors into engaging in sexual activities. The charges pertain to a single underage individual whom he purportedly singled out with the intention of creating and disseminating media depicting child sexual assault.

In the event of a conviction, Almeida may be subject to a potential life sentence as the maximum legal penalty. The commencement of his trial has been scheduled on December 4, 2023.