The Miss USA and Miss Universe organizations have experienced a challenging year characterized by accusations of manipulation, the temporary removal of their president, and a controversy involving sexual harassment. A scandal ensued following the crowning of R’Bonney Gabriel as Miss USA 2022, with candidates alleging that the pageant had been manipulated to favor her. This triggered a sequence of events that resulted in substantial alterations in leadership and a comprehensive investigation. As the forthcoming Miss USA 2023 pageant draws near, the organizing bodies aspire to move past the various issues that have surrounded the event.

The focal point of this discussion centers around the pinnacle moment and the subsequent allegations of rigging.

The individual referred to as “R’Bonney” Gabriel’s achievement in winning the Miss USA 2022 pageant marks a significant milestone as the first individual of Filipino American descent to attain this title. Nevertheless, the pinnacle of the event was tarnished by the contestants’ lack of immediate felicitations, indicating a possible concern. Following the conclusion of the pageant, the candidates publicly disclosed claims of impropriety, asserting that the organization had exhibited bias against Gabriel since the inception of the competition.

The contestants conveyed their sentiments of heartbreak and exploitation, perceiving themselves as being manipulated and objectified, primarily through the utilization of Instagram stories and TikTok videos. The conflicts of interest between Gabriel and national sponsors were highlighted, specifically mentioning Miss Academy, which is owned by Crystle Stewart, a former Miss Texas and the head of the organization. The intimate affiliation between Gabriel and sponsors has prompted inquiries over potential inequitable advantages.

The topic of discussion pertains to Gabriel’s defense and the involvement of a third-party investigation.

In light of the claims of rigging, R’Bonney Gabriel has offered a staunch defense, emphasizing her unwavering commitment to ethical conduct and categorically refuting any participation in a manipulated competition. The individual placed emphasis on the fact that she personally financed her visit to a sponsor’s resort and recorded a video in her capacity as Miss Texas, rather than Miss USA.

On October 8th, the Miss Universe Organization initiated an external inquiry and imposed an indefinite suspension on Crystle Stewart, the president of Miss USA. The objective of the investigation was to address the concerns raised by the candidates and ascertain the veracity of the allegations of rigging.

The present discourse is around a scandal pertaining to sexual harassment, which has prompted significant alterations in leadership positions.

In light of the ongoing scandal, it came to light that Max Sebrechts, the spouse of Crystle Stewart, had faced allegations of sexual harassment made by prior participants of the Miss USA pageant. Sebrechts resigned from the position of vice president of Miss USA, prompting the organization to initiate a comprehensive examination.

Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip made history on October 26th by becoming the first female owner of the Miss Universe Organization. The transition in ownership signified a notable alteration in the trajectory of the pageant.

The Acquisition of the Miss Universe Title in the Midst of Controversy

Despite facing charges of rigging, R’Bonney Gabriel persevered and participated in the Miss Universe competition, ultimately achieving victory on January 14th. The victory she achieved was widely celebrated as the most gratifying triumph, and Gabriel held the belief that it would substantiate her worthiness for the Miss USA title.

On January 27, Morgan Romano succeeded Gabriel as the reigning Miss USA 2022. Romano, a professional in the field of chemical engineering hailing from North Carolina, achieved the distinction of becoming the first runner-up in the Miss USA 2022 pageant.

The topic at hand pertains to the resolution and emergence of new leadership within a certain context.

The Miss Universe Organization declared on August 1 that the claims of rigging were deemed “false” subsequent to the conclusion of the investigation. Nevertheless, Crystle Stewart’s tenure as the president of Miss USA has come to an end. Laylah Rose was expeditiously appointed as the newly instated president of Miss USA, so ushering in a series of alterations to the event.

Laylah Rose disclosed three notable modifications, encompassing the implementation of a novel scoring system that places increased emphasis on the interview segment while simultaneously removing inquiries of a political nature. The modifications are indicative of the institution’s endeavors to initiate a novel epoch.

Anticipating the Future: Miss USA 2023

As the year marked by numerous controversies comes to an end, Miss USA is scheduled to bestow its new titleholder on September 29 in Reno, Nevada. The upcoming 72nd annual pageant will showcase participants hailing from all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia. The objective of the competition is to progress with a revitalized emphasis on equity, openness, and the acknowledgment of individual capabilities. The event will be hosted by Keltie Knight and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, who are hosts for E! News. The panel of judges will consist of notable individuals such as fashion designer Nicole Miller, actress Vivica A. Fox, makeup artist Patrick Starr, and model Emina Cunmulaj Nazarian. The aspiration is for the next pageant of this year to serve as a symbol of optimism and motivation following a difficult era for the Miss USA and Miss Universe institutions.