Unexpectedly, on Saturday morning, shortly before the House was scheduled to vote on a critical government funding package, New York Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman set off a fire alarm in the Cannon House Office Building. Bowman first described the situation as an accident, but it is currently being looked into, which raises concerns about possible effects on the voting process.

The incident was disclosed by Republican from Wisconsin and House Administration Committee Chairman Bryan Steil, who said that an investigation is presently being conducted. Bowman’s response did not satisfy Steil, who urged the congressman to be “far more forthcoming” about the incident. It can be deemed a major legal infraction if it turns out that the fire alarm was set off on purpose in order to obstruct the voting process.

According to Bowman’s office, the incident was unintentional. The congressman told reporters that he was trying to get to a door to cast his ballot when he accidentally set off the fire alarm, believing it would unlock a door. He maintained that there was no intentional attempt to tamper with the voting process.

Security footage that showed Bowman as the one who set off the fire alarm revealed the occurrence. As soon as the congressman was identified, the leadership of both parties was notified. Hakeem Jeffries, the minority leader in the house, supposedly spoke with Bowman about the incident in a supportive manner.

However, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy demanded that the issue be looked at by the House Ethics Committee. McCarthy underlined how terrible the incident was and said that it should not go unpunished, particularly considering the time of the occurrence—hours before a possible government shutdown.

In response to the incident, Republican representative from Michigan and head of the GOP leadership team Rep. Lisa McClain circulated a resolution culpating Bowman. She stated that the resolution already had co-sponsors. The GOP responded sharply, but Bowman dismissed their remark, saying, “They’re going to do what they do.” They act in this manner.”

As the investigation unfolds, the incident raises concerns about the potential impact on legislative proceedings and the need for accountability if any intentional interference is established.