In a bold and unprecedented move, hard-line Republican Representative Matt Gaetz is set to push for a vote to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his position. Gaetz’s action comes as a response to McCarthy’s role in orchestrating a bipartisan stopgap government funding bill aimed at averting a shutdown.

Speaking with ABC’s “This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl, Gaetz declared his determination to initiate the removal process, labeling himself as “relentless” in his pursuit. While Gaetz acknowledges that he might not currently have the necessary votes to oust McCarthy through a motion to vacate, he remains optimistic that he can garner enough support, even if it takes up to 15 rounds of ballots.

The potential ousting of McCarthy would have significant implications, effectively halting all legislative business in the House until a new Speaker is selected. Gaetz’s move is not without controversy, and it remains uncertain how many fellow Republicans are aligned with him in this endeavor.

During the interview, Gaetz emphasized that McCarthy’s wish to face a vacate motion would indeed be granted. McCarthy, for his part, has downplayed the risk of such a motion, daring Gaetz with a confident “Bring it.”

This political development adds another layer of tension within the Republican ranks and underscores the internal divisions over legislative strategies and approaches to key issues. As the situation unfolds, the political landscape may witness further shifts, and the fate of Speaker McCarthy hangs in the balance. The story is developing, and updates will be provided as events unfold.