Following Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s death, there has been conjecture regarding her successor. Oprah Winfrey, a media mogul, and Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, are two of the names being considered.

California Governor Gavin Newsom will have to replace the vacancy left by Feinstein, who died at the age of ninety-nine. In keeping with his dedication to diversity, Newsom has stated that he intends to nominate a Black woman to the Senate. With rumors of a possible 2028 presidential run, Newsom is said to have national aspirations, making this decision all the more important.

Although Oprah Winfrey’s name has been floated as a possible contender, she declared in May that she would not be contemplating the position should it become up. Known for her significant work in the media, Winfrey is also a prosperous book publisher and businesswoman.

However, Meghan Markle’s name has also been mentioned as Feinstein’s potential replacement. The Duchess of Sussex lives in Montecito, California, with her husband, Prince Harry. Even though Markle is regarded as a long shot, insiders say that unexpected developments are not out of the question given the volatile nature of American politics.

Markle has previously shown an interest in politics; before to the 2020 election, there have been rumors that she had thought about running a grassroots campaign. Her ties to the Democratic Party, particularly her close friendship with Gloria Steinem, have stoked rumors that she would run for office.

The public is anxiously awaiting Governor Newsom’s decision, and he must strike a balance between political expediency, his dedication to diversity, and possible opposition from other parties. Next year, there will be a ballot question regarding the Senate seat as well, so the interim appointment will be a crucial choice that could affect California politics and beyond.

The complexities of California politics and the prospective entry of well-known personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle add another level of excitement to the developing story as talks regarding Feinstein’s replacement continue.