As his father prepares to run for reelection in the upcoming year, Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, formally entered a plea of not guilty to felony gun charges on Tuesday. This move set the stage for a potentially high-profile trial. The hearings were held at the same federal courtroom in Delaware where he had entered a plea agreement with prosecutors that fell down during the summer.

The main focus of Tuesday’s meeting was the three-count indictment that special counsel David Weiss filed last month. Hunter Biden, escorted by his legal representative Abbe Lowell, hinted that he intended to contest the constitutionality of a minimum of one charge, so initiating a judicial struggle.

In a post-hearing statement, Abbe Lowell stressed the plan to submit a move to dismiss the government’s case, pointing to the allegations’ possible unconstitutionality. Despite its earlier collapse, he contended, some aspects of the previous plea bargain remained in place.

The case’s judge, Christopher Burke, gave the parties until November 3 to submit their motions outlining the actions that would follow a potential trial. Hunter Biden confirmed his knowledge and nodded throughout the hearing as the court went over the charges, possible punishments, and his rights.

Judge Burke upheld the supervised release terms set down at the July plea conference, noting that Hunter Biden had complied with the terms for the previous several months. Hunter Biden is subject to supervised release, which includes abstaining from alcohol and obtaining written approval from his probation supervisor before traveling abroad.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Lowell, suggested that the Justice Department’s decision to follow legal protocol was influenced by “political pressure from President Trump and his MAGA allies” in order to justify the gun charges.

Hunter Biden was indicted by Weiss last month after a multi-year probe. Under federal investigation, the initial plea deal that would have spared Hunter Biden from prison time fell apart in July. Three gun-related felonies are the subject of the current allegations, and more tax-related violations may be forthcoming.

Potential charges against Hunter Biden for his international business dealings were alluded to by the prosecution, including possible infractions of foreign lobbying rules. Lowell remained upbeat about the defense against the gun accusations, saying on “Good Morning America” that they think their case is strong given the evidence.

Hunter Biden’s legal troubles go beyond the gun charges; he is also facing challenges with House Republicans’ impeachment investigation and defending himself against accusations and criticism regarding a laptop that he allegedly left at a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2018.

Hunter Biden could spend up to 25 years in jail if found guilty of the firearms charges; however, the Justice Department has indicated that any sentence would probably be less harsh than the maximum. The political picture is becoming more difficult as President Biden maneuvers through his reelection campaign due to the ongoing legal drama.