Sage Steele, a former ESPN host, recently talked about her interview with President Joe Biden in March 2021, calling it “the saddest thing.” While speaking with comedian Bill Maher on his “Club Random” podcast, Steele discussed her observations. In the interview, Steele acknowledged that she did not support Biden politically but also expressed sadness at the president’s seeming bewilderment and troubles.

The Interview and Biden’s Perplexity: Steele described the satellite interview that was conducted prior to MLB Opening Day in 2021. She was forced to strike up a conversation with the president while she waited for technological glitches to be fixed. Steele claims that at first, she was unable to see Biden because his aides had left a lens cover over the camera until the very last minute. She observed moments when President Biden seemed confused during this period.

Specifics of the Conversation:
President Biden apparently had trouble remembering Steele’s name and inquired, “What is this for? ” after finding out that the interview was for SportsCenter on ESPN. What’s her name, again? ” Steele was concerned by Biden’s initial uncertainty, even with ESPN’s acknowledgement. She said the president talked about his football playing days in high school, stressing that he had “the best hands.” But as Biden’s voice faltered and he conceded, “I was good,” the exchange took a sad turn. He ended silently with, “Uh, never mind.”

Steele’s Reflection: In an interview with Bill Maher, Steele said that, despite political differences, she found it “heartbreaking” to see the human side of President Biden’s apparent troubles. She conveyed sympathy and speculated that Biden’s difficulty completing words could account for his sparse public appearances throughout the election campaign.

Maher’s Remarks and Political Commentary: Steele, who is renowned for her frank remarks, expressed her belief that President Biden is a “terrible president.” Along with Steele, Maher expressed worries about the president’s political future and its repercussions for the Democratic Party. Maher had previously proposed that Biden think about withdrawing from the 2024 presidential contest.