Following many bite occurrences involving the German Shepherd, Commander, the dog owned by President Joe Biden, has been unexpectedly taken from the White House. After the dog allegedly assaulted a groundskeeper recently, it was decided to remove Commander from the White House campus. This article examines the specifics of the Commander’s removal, the events that led up to it, and the First Lady’s spokesperson’s response.

Countless Biting events: Throughout his two years of life, Commander, a German Shepherd, has engaged in a number of biting events, including run-ins with Secret Service personnel and White House employees. In the most recent instance, Commander seemed to bite White House groundskeeper Dale Haney, as seen in pictures obtained on September 13 by a tourist visiting the White House. The pictures showed Haney’s wrist and arm covered in the dog’s teeth.

Removal and Assessment of Next Steps: First Lady Jill Biden’s spokesman, Elizabeth Alexander, issued a statement stating that Commander is “not presently” at the White House while the next course of action is being considered. In light of the Commander’s actions, worries regarding the security and welfare of White House employees and guests led to the removal. The spokeswoman conveyed appreciation for the endurance and assistance provided by the US Secret Service and other relevant parties during the process of identifying possible resolutions.

Images Arise Online: A tourist took the images of the most recent biting incident last month, and on Wednesday, they appeared online. The White House visitor, who intended to capture pictures of the President’s dog, described Commander as lively, high-spirited, and playful. Commander’s biting events aroused serious worries about the necessity for action despite his lighthearted disposition.

Just as the groundskeeper and the dog were “playing,” and no flesh was injured, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Commander on Wednesday during the daily briefing. The press secretary emphasized the lighthearted aspect of the exchange while downplaying the incident’s seriousness.

Prior Biting occurrences: Between October 2022 and January 2023, at least 10 more biting occurrences involving different Secret Service agents were reported. These incidents precede Commander’s departure. An agent was apparently had to visit a hospital as a result of one of these occurrences. The fact that these occurrences kept happening made people wonder if the Commander should have been in the White House.

Historical Precedent: The Biden family’s German Shepherd had previously been taken out of the White House. Major, the first German Shepherd owned by the First Family, met a similar end in 2021 following several instances of biting. Major was moved to live in Delaware with a friend of the Biden family.