For a Texas family in Kingsland, Monday’s seemingly perfect day took a terrible turn when they encountered a “very large pig” causing mayhem. The 300-pound black and white pig, which was reported to be foaming at the mouth, boldly broke into the family’s house in addition to attacking members. A swine saga featuring a foiled attempt at capture, a 911 call, and a follow-up visit from the determined pig emerged from the strange episode.

The First Attack: Wendy Goldstein, a resident of Kingsland, described the terrifying experience and revealed that the pig initially attacked her daughter before storming into their house. A child called 911 in a panic, saying, “My grandma is being attacked by a random pig.” My grandpa is currently being attacked.” The pig became aggressive, foamed at the mouth, and went on a rampage, leaving the family in a bizarre scenario.

The Grandmother’s Valiant Intervention: In an attempt to step in and calm the pig until help could arrive, Goldstein’s mother laid on top of it. Sadly, the pig overwhelmed her and crushed her, making her look “like an accordion.” The family was surprised by the strange nature of the attack and was frantically trying to figure out how to defend themselves.

Owner Confrontation: The owner of the pig confronted the family in an effort to find the rambunctious animal, which added even more bizarre detail to the already bizarre scene. The owner allegedly threatened the family if anything happened to the pig, instead than helping them.

Failed Capture and Return: A non-lethal “PepperBall” was used in an attempt to contain the pig. But the courageous porker succeeded in escaping and vanished into the Texas countryside.

The Pig’s Return: On Tuesday, the pig, determined to continue its rampage, unexpectedly reappeared and went after Goldstein’s lover. When the family discovered they were trapped inside their own house, Goldstein expressed how uncomfortable it was to feel like prisoners.

Resolution: On Wednesday, the pig was found and returned to its owner safely, marking the end of the porcine adventure. The family was shocked by the strange sequence of events, which brought attention to how unpredictable interactions with wildlife can be, especially in urban areas.