With regard to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return to the royal family, Queen Camilla is allegedly putting her foot down, opening a new chapter in the ongoing story of the British royal family. According to palace insiders, Camilla has given a strong ultimatum, sparking the “biggest-ever fight” that has broken out among the royal family.

Sources close to the monarchy claim that Queen Camilla has taken matters into her own hands and ordered Prince Harry not to see his father, King Charles, or stay on any royal property without an appointment. This is known as Camilla’s ultimatum. King Charles was taken aback by this unexpected action, which caused a serious division in the family.

Relationship on the Rocks: It has been reported that Camilla’s ultimatum has put her and King Charles’s marriage under stress. The supposed conflict between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return has turned into a major issue, posing the couple with hitherto unseen obstacles from inside the royal residence.

Preserving Charles’ Legacy: According to insiders, Camilla is working behind the scenes to prevent the drama surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan from defining King Charles’ legacy. Concerns regarding the effects of Harry’s soon-to-be biography, “Spare,” and the couple’s Netflix series, which has been critical of the royal family, are among them.

Struggling for Love Lost or Peace?
Some accounts have an alternative account of the events, while others imply that Camilla is advocating for harmony and peace. Tipsters claim that despite Prince Harry’s personal attacks, which included claims of royal racism that were viewed as an outright insult to the monarchy, there is “no love lost” for him.

Insiders highlight Camilla’s significant contribution to the development of the royal narrative, claiming that she is the “power behind the throne.” She is adamantly opposed to Meghan and Harry’s return because she worries about how their actions can affect King Charles’ legacy.

The Offer Was Rejected:
Unexpectedly, King Charles offered Prince Harry a chance to stay at Balmoral on the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s passing. Prince Harry turned down the offer. Instead, owing to a packed schedule, Harry ignored the royal invitation in favor of a covert visit to Elizabeth’s tomb at Windsor.