During the most recent Hamas strike on Israel, Democratic senator from New Jersey Cory Booker was caught in the gunfire. Booker described how he was forced to take cover in his hotel as missiles descended upon the Jewish country in a detailed post that was circulated on social media.

Booker’s Scheduled Visit: The senator flew into Israel on Friday in anticipation of a jam-packed schedule that included meetings, site visits, and an economic summit. Booker’s journey took an abrupt turn as Hamas launched an unexpected strike, forcing him to seek shelter.

Booker’s personal account: Booker described the terrifying incident in a video that was uploaded on X, the former Twitter. He was running in the Old City when his chief of staff called him urgently to tell him to go back to the hotel because there was an assault on Israel. Booker said that Hamas was firing thousands of rockets.

Seeking Safety: When Booker got back to the hotel, he and the others went to the stairwells and bomb shelters for safety. The senator presented a striking image of terrified faces, including those of kids, old people, families, and fellow citizens. The conflict’s abrupt intensification highlighted the situation’s reality.

Safe Departure: On Sunday, Booker and his crew managed to leave Israel without incident, even in the face of a stressful scenario. Maya Krishna-Rogers, the senator’s spokeswoman, verified the safe departure and gave reassurance that Booker and his group were unharmed.

Booker’s Strong Criticism of Hamas: Prior to discussing his own experience, Booker released a statement in which he harshly denounced the activities of Hamas. He condemned the “horrific acts of violence, kidnapping, and terror” that Hamas was carrying out, saying that they were primarily aimed at civilians, Israeli families, and children. Booker showed support for the Israelites and the families impacted by the violence.

Israel’s Reaction and US Involvement: Following the unexpected assault, Israel proclaimed a “state of war,” intending to destroy Hamas and seize total authority over Gaza. As a gesture of assistance, the US declared that one of its carrier strike groups would be sent to the coast of Israel.