Unsettling video from a JCPenney shop has surfaced, showing a frantic situation in which a large naked man is being pursued and attacked by a bunch of worried parents. The incident happened at the Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, which is roughly ten miles south of Seattle. It startled bystanders and scared the kids inside the store.

The Chaos Emerging:

The video opens with the nude man being chased by at least two men through the department store. A woman can be heard explaining the scenario to a police dispatcher over the phone. Shoppers fear as the man—who is completely nude and carrying two children—runs into the children’s section.

As the group of worried guys pursues the nudist, the individual filming the situation shows shock at what is happening and wonders where the cops are. The nude man grabs a pair of pants in a last-ditch effort to get away, but he can’t seem to put them on, so he starts fighting with the mob that is chasing him.

Physical Conflict and Children’s Anguish:

The nudist approaches the gang of men trying to hold him down while holding his pants. One of the males gets slammed against a wall by the nude man as the argument turns violent. The disturbing background sound of small children screaming emphasizes how serious the situation is.

As one man throws blows and two men manage to seize hold of the nudist, the tumultuous event is captured on camera. The males are confronted until onlookers step in and tell them to cease using violence, saying things like “Okay, enough.” Sufficient.”

Police Reaction to Allegations:

Reporter Jonathan Choe, based in the Seattle region, verified that the incident happened on October 1 at the JCPenney store at Southcenter Mall. Choe claims that the parents became so alarmed that they decided to intervene on their own when the nude man reportedly made an attempt to touch the kids.

After the nude man was apprehended by police, who described him as “someone in mental crisis,” they took him to a hospital. It is still unknown at this time if charges will be brought in relation to the incident.