BRIEF SUMMARY IF YOU’RE BUSY, FULL ARTICLE BELOW: Embattled Rep. George Santos engaged in a heated exchange with a civilian at the Capitol over the Israel-Palestine conflict. The confrontation, occurring amid Republican caucus discussions on the vacant Speaker of the House position, escalated as tensions flared in Gaza. Santos accused the individual of being a “terrorist sympathizer” who berated him and screamed at the baby in his arms, posting about the encounter on social media with the hashtag “I stand with Israel.” In a video, Santos confronted the man, labeled him “human scum,” and asserted that defending Hamas had no place in the building, emphasizing a strong stance against terrorist sympathizers.

Embattled Rep. George Santos exploded on a civilian who confronted him at the Capitol about the Israel-Palestine conflict, has learned.

The exchange came as Republican caucus members convened to vote on the currently vacant Speaker of the House position as tensions in Gaza flamed under Israel’s 24 hour evacuation notice.

Santos posted about the heated encounter on his X account and included a video of him speaking to reporters in the aftermath.

“A pair of terrorist sympathizers got in my face, cursed at me, screaming and berating the baby in my arms,” Santos wrote. “Here’s what I have to say: Elected or unelected, terrorist sympathizers in the halls of Congress are unacceptable.”

The congressman added the hashtag, “I stand with Israel.”

In a video shared by Sahil Kapur on X, Santos summoned police officers over to a man he claimed “accosted” him while he had “a baby” in his arms. The man identified himself as Jewish-American Shabd Singh of Washington.

Santos approached Singh with his finger pointed and accused him of coming into his “personal space” in an earlier confrontation. As the man asked the lawmaker, “What are you doing to call for the end of Israeli—,” Santos cut him off and quipped back, “Nothing. What are you doing about terrorists destroying Israel!”

Santos continued to yell in the man’s face, “What about the terrorist from Hamas who tried to—” before Singh interrupted him and brought up the “massive bombings on civilians” from Israel.

Santos snapped back at Singh that Hamas’ actions were “abhorrent.”

“It’s abhorrent! It’s abhorrent that you are in this building stepping up for terrorist!” the congressman yelled. “You are a terrorist sympathizer!”

As Santos started to walk away, he turned around and pointed at Singh as he branded him “human scum.”

The Republican continued to engage with Singh as he walked away, frequently turning back to shout “human scum.”

“I do not care, you are human scum,” Santos told the man who continued to yell back. “That’s what you are, human scum. You have no business in this building defending terrorists!”

In the video that Santos shared with followers, he declared, “nobody defending Hamas has any business in this building, whether you’re elected, whether you’re a civilian, it is a disgrace that we allow people to parade that kind of thought in here.”

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