Israeli authorities have issued warnings over Hamas’s demand for a “Day of Rage,” which is intended to target Jews and Israelis worldwide. As a result, international security measures have been significantly enhanced. All Israelis living overseas are advised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israel National Security Council to exercise caution, avoid attending protests, and inquire with local security authorities about any possible disturbances or protests.

The “Day of Rage” is associated with Operation Swords of Iron, which led the Hamas leadership to demand that Jews and Israelis be attacked everywhere. The joint statement from Israeli authorities highlights the possibility of violent protests in other nations and highlights the National Security Council’s, security services’, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ continuous efforts to guarantee the protection of Israeli people across the world.

The FBI is keeping a close eye on the situation in the US in reaction to the increased threat. The agency is working with law enforcement partners to exchange intelligence, identify potential risks, and disrupt any developing concerns in response to the calls for worldwide action on October 13. The public is urged by the FBI to exercise caution and alert law enforcement to any suspicious activity.

Khaled Meshaal, the former head of Hamas, has called for anti-Palestinian protests, citing Jordan as a particular example and inviting Jordan’s tribes and citizens to take part. Most Palestinian refugees are lodged in Jordan and Lebanon.

With at least 2,800 dead as of Friday, the Israel-Hamas conflict—which was sparked by a terrorist attack in Israel—has claimed the lives of several Americans, Israeli soldiers, and civilians.

In response to possible acts of violence and hatred directed towards Jewish communities, major cities worldwide have tightened security measures. Law enforcement organizations are taking preemptive measures to shield vulnerable groups and avert any undesirable events.

The international community is closely following the situation and highlighting the significance of diplomatic measures to de-escalate conflict and foster dialogue for a sustainable resolution, given the persistence of high tensions.