Israel’s foreign minister Eli Cohen said Israel will be presenting evidence on the al-Ahli hospital explosion at the U.N. Security Council meeting on Wednesday.

“We have concrete evidence that Israel did not attack the al-Ahli hospital,” Cohen said in a recorded video message posted to X.

Israel and Palestinian militants have accused each other for the hospital explosion that was reported by Palestinian authorities to have killed hundreds of people. NBC News has not been able to enter Gaza and has not verified either side’s claims.

The U.S. has an independent assessment that it was a Palestinian Islamic Jihad group rocket that misfired and hit the hospital in Gaza, according to two senior U.S. officials.

That would match what Israeli officials have said caused the blast. Palestinian health officials and Hamas have blamed an Israeli airstrike for the explosion, which they said killed almost 500 people.

Biden said earlier, before a meeting with Netanyahu, that the blast appeared to be caused by the “other team.” Asked later what made him confident the Israelis weren’t behind the hospital strike, he said: “The data I was shown by my Defense Department.”

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