In the world of superheroes, Lou Ferrigno, best known for his iconic portrayal of the Hulk, is facing a real-life battle that seems straight out of a dramatic storyline. The 71-year-old actor’s divorce from his estranged wife, Carla Ferrigno, 74, has taken a nasty turn with allegations of brazen cheating, belittling behavior, and claims of an abusive marriage following Carla’s devastating dementia diagnosis.

Carla has reportedly fired off horrific charges, accusing Lou of shamelessly parading a mistress beneath her nose and trapping her in an abusive relationship. The divorce proceedings have allegedly left the ex-TV superhero “humiliated,” according to sources.

The public revelation of these personal struggles has shocked fans and insiders alike, as the Ferrigno family seems shattered amid the brutal divorce war. The situation has even led to a temporary hold on legal proceedings as the fractured family attempts to negotiate a deal in a mediation session scheduled for November 30.

Insiders claim that Lou is eager for a swift resolution to their split, hoping to put an end to the nightmare that has unfolded in the public eye. Allegedly fueled by Carla’s alleged greed and sense of entitlement, Lou’s lawyers are said to be negotiating a sizable payoff from his $12 million fortune to bring the drama to a close.

One of the most shocking claims is Carla’s accusation that Lou spends “most of his time” with a woman named Lisa and has been cruelly “flaunting” the alleged affair. The humiliation of these sordid details being made public has reportedly hit Lou hard, according to sources close to the actor.

In response, Lou has admitted to being unfaithful but denied having a “long-term mistress.” He insists that Carla’s dementia and Alzheimer’s have progressed to a point where he has become more of a caretaker and companion than a romantic partner.

Carla’s court petition paints a disturbing picture, alleging that Lou has physically intimidated her when confronted about his supposed ladylove, known only as Lisa. She claims Lou uses her dementia diagnosis to improperly deny her access to their financial resources and has even restricted her movement within their California mansion.

The accusations don’t end there—Carla asserts that Lou has blocked off rooms in their home to isolate her from family members, including their daughter Shanna, sister-in-law Pam, and son Lou Jr. The former actress insists that Lou is taking steps to limit her contact with her support system.

In response to these claims, Lou argues that Carla has been unduly influenced by family members into “villainizing” him, which he labels as “elder abuse.” Despite the public airing of their personal struggles, Lou’s attorney emphasizes that his priority remains Carla’s welfare.

As the Ferrigno family navigates this painful and public divorce, the hope remains for an amicable resolution through mediation. The unfolding drama continues to captivate public attention, shedding light on the challenges faced by even those who seem larger than life.