People aren’t concerned about China acquiring American lands for some reason.

Perhaps they don’t realize that during the past ten years, China has acquired nearly ten times more agricultural land in the United States. Perhaps they are not aware that $2 billion worth of agricultural land in the United States was owned by investors from China at the start of 2020. Perhaps they don’t realize that the United States’ trade imbalance with China exceeded $300 billion in 2021 for the tenth consecutive year. Perhaps they don’t know that 50% of the world’s corn reserves are owned by China. I’m not, though.

Every day, our media covers some sort of fiasco.

And for the most part, it’s nothing more than a distraction.

They are distracting us from the things that really matter.

For instance, did you know that one of our greatest enemies has been plotting a twisted plan against the United States, and if they succeed, they could starve every man, woman, and child in the entire country?

According to this groundbreaking report, China’s evil “hungerplan” is about to reach its final stage.

Once unleashed, mass hysteria will spread throughout our country.

What exactly have they been planning?

It’s a sinister plan fit for a Hollywood screenplay. But it’s real. And unfortunately, our current administration refuses to acknowledge it. 

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China is currently focusing on collecting resources and land outside of its boundaries, with the goal of eventually obtaining all of North America. It is important to understand that this is a serious matter.

We do not have allies in the Chinese Communist Party or the People’s Republic of China government. An unforgiving communist regime in charge of China suppresses domestic opposition and jeopardizes US interests. Furthermore, there has been a growing danger to our national security for many years due to our reliance on China. It’s time to take China’s role in our supply chains seriously after decades of well-publicized wrongdoings, violations of human rights, and tampering with American intellectual property. The United States cannot rely solely on China for its domestic food supply and agriculture.

We should not be dependent on a communist nation like China because we live in the finest country on earth. We might be obliged to export food that is grown domestically and intended for our own use if we start to hand control of our food supply chain over to a hostile foreign country. On the other hand, we can improve our national supply chain going forward, generate jobs, and reinforce our economy by supporting American farmers.

In line with my worries, the U.S.-China Economic Security and Review Commission published a study two weeks ago that stated, “China may have undue leverage over U.S. supply chains if further consolidations and Chinese investments in U.S. agricultural assets take place.”

China is a lot of things, but it is not the United States’ ally. The Chinese Communist Party poses a threat to national security because it is prepared to take a long time to achieve its aim of reconstructing the global order in its image. Instead of viewing China as an ally, we need to acknowledge it as an opponent.

The facts are clear: before it’s too late, we need to boost domestic production and stop our enemies from getting a foothold in our supply chain. I’m honored to be leading the push in Congress in this regard.

I proposed legislation that would make it illegal for foreign nationals connected to the People’s Republic of China government to purchase agricultural land in the United States, either public or private. Apart from food safety inspections, the measure would also forbid the same associations from taking part in any other US Department of Agriculture programs.

For the sake of the people of Central Washington and the United States, I will not back down from confronting China and any of our foreign foes, as I believe that national security is correlated with food security. You should be concerned when China acquires American agricultural assets.