In a stern condemnation of university responses to recent student protests following the Hamas terror attack, Dr. Phil McGraw has expressed deep concern about what he perceives as an “ivy-covered intellectual rot” prevailing on college campuses. The television host criticized those who he believes softened the language when describing the actions of the Hamas terrorists, emphasizing that they should be accurately labeled as “assassins” rather than soldiers.

Taking aim at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, UCLA, and Stanford, among others, McGraw accused these universities of not only indulging but also sanctioning protests that he claims celebrated the violent attack. This, he argued, revealed a “disturbing degree” of intellectual decay within the academic sphere.

McGraw directed his ire toward university leaders who allowed demonstrations that, according to him, amounted to “celebrating the murder” of Israelis. He criticized the leadership of these reputed schools for being preoccupied with virtue-signaling and coddling students, asserting that they have forgotten their fundamental role in teaching critical thinking and testing reality.

The television host argued that instead of molding tomorrow’s leaders, these “enlightened, woke” universities are contributing to the demagnetization of the cultural moral compass among the college population. He asserted that they are failing miserably at providing students with a well-rounded education that includes critical thinking skills.

Expressing disbelief at what he perceives as a collective lapse in judgment among certain academic circles, McGraw questioned how such actions could be deemed acceptable. He further raised concerns about the lack of recognition of what he considers an “incredibly racist” stance and called for these institutions to be called out.

While acknowledging that he is not an expert on the Middle East conflict, McGraw insisted that one does not need expertise to denounce the Hamas terror attack as “utterly sick, twisted, disgusting, and inexcusable.” The video posted by the Dr. Phil Show and TBN Israel reflects McGraw’s impassioned call for a reevaluation of the current state of discourse and activism on college campuses.