Investigators are working harder to determine the reasons behind the horrific events that occurred during the fatal mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine. An additional element of mystery to the current inquiry has been added by a mysterious note found at the residence of Robert Card, the alleged mass shooter. The US Coast Guard has joined the other law enforcement organizations involved in the manhunt for Card, which has increased the urgency of apprehending the alleged murderer.

Finding of a Mysterious message: During the execution of a search warrant at Robert Card’s Bowdoin home, authorities discovered a mysterious message that may provide insight into the mass shooter’s thoughts. The note’s contents are unknown, therefore investigators must put together if it has any important information regarding the motivation behind the horrific carnage that occurred in Lewiston.

Coast Guard Joins the Manhunt: The US Coast Guard has joined the massive manhunt for Robert Card, which is a noteworthy move. The Coast Guard’s involvement brings a nautical element to the hunt for Card, whose car was discovered in Lisbon close to a boat launch, around eight miles from the crime locations. They are using Boothbay surveillance planes and boats. Authorities are currently looking into the possibility that Card may have escaped using a missing 15-foot boat that is thought to be his.

The intricate search scenario for Card has been likened by retired NYPD Chief Robert Louden to a “spider’s web,” with a multitude of options and possible escape routes. The manhunt covers a wide spectrum of possibilities, from Card ending his own life to using alternative modes of transportation or making an escape by boat down the Kennebec River. Louden draws attention to how difficult the search is, comparing it to a spider’s web with many facets that require careful investigation.

Card’s Mental Health History and Military Experience: 40-year-old Robert Card, a Reservist in the United States Army, has served as a weapons instructor in the past. The probe becomes more complicated because of his admission at a mental health facility in July after exhibiting strange conduct at Camp Smith, which is close to West Point. Finding Card in such a huge environment is made more difficult by his military training and outdoor expertise.

Victims and White House Commemoration: Lewiston’s deaf community members who were taking part in a cornhole game at Schemengees Bar & Grille were among the victims of the mass shooting that left the town in mourning. The nation’s flags should fly at half staff in remembrance of the people lost in this unfortunate incident, according to a White House directive.