The devastating passing of Friends star Matthew Perry, 54, on October 28 is being mourned by the entire world. Many are left stunned by how abruptly he passed away, raising concerns about what may have led to this unanticipated catastrophe. This is all the information we currently have regarding Matthew Perry’s cause of death.

Reason for Death:

It is believed that Matthew Perry drowned at his Pacific Palisades house. A law enforcement source and an agent for the actor both attested to the fact that emergency services responded to a call at 4:07 p.m. local time, which they initially interpreted as a water rescue. The precise cause of death is still being investigated, even though there isn’t any conclusive evidence of foul play.

Things He Did Before Dying:

Perry was reportedly active early in the morning, playing pickleball for two hours, according to sources. He despatched his aide on an errand after getting home. About two hours later, the assistant came back, and they found Matthew nonresponsive. Whether he engaged in any other physical activity at all is still unknown.

Learning about Matthew Perry

Shortly before his death, Matthew Perry’s aide had been despatched on an errand and returned with word of his whereabouts. The tragedy is made even more tragic by the revelation, as Perry’s loved ones struggle to cope with his passing.

Relationship to Addiction:

A prominent aspect of Matthew Perry’s life narrative has been his well-documented battle with addiction. At the age of 14, he developed an addiction to alcohol, which later spread to drugs like Oxycontin, Vicodin, and Xanax. Perry was candid about his struggles with addiction, sharing how he would pretend to be hurt and con artists to get more drugs.

Perry made several attempts at recovery throughout his life in spite of these setbacks. He had experienced serious health issues by 2018 such as an exploding colon, pneumonia, and potentially fatal procedures. But according to rumors, he had been clean and sober for more than two years until his untimely demise.

Perry openly discussed the life-changing effects of his addiction struggle in his memoir, saying, “There is a hell. Never listen to someone who says otherwise. It exists; I’ve been there; enough said. Now that it’s out, I feel better. It is written down on paper. Assisting others is undoubtedly the reason I’m still here.”