Kevin Brennan, the comedian and former writer for Saturday Night Live, has come under criticism for his callous remarks regarding the untimely death of popular Friends star Matthew Perry. The 54-year-old Perry is being mourned by fans all throughout the world. But fans and other comedians have expressed indignation and condemned Brennan for his outrageous words.

The Differing Opinions:

In a harsh jest about Perry’s death in a hot tub, Brennan made a crass effort at humor via Twitter. Brennan typed, “DROWNED IN A HOT TUB,” to the heartless chuckle of “HAHAHAHA.” He continued, saying, “Why is it hilarious to drown in a hot tub? since it isn’t very profound.”

After TMZ revealed his startling remarks, the comic made matters worse. In a strong reply, Brennan said, “I just thought it was funny; I didn’t mock it.” But I do enjoy it when addicts pass away.” His hurtful remarks not only trivialized Perry’s passing but also conveyed a troubling attitude toward those who battle addiction.

Public Protest:

Naturally, people took notice of Brennan’s comments, and social media soon developed into a forum for admirers to voice their disgust. The 63-year-old comedian received harsh criticism from several people who referred to his remarks as “sick” and expressed shock at his lack of humanity.

One person commented, “I hope you are never affected by this insidious disease,” while another said, “I will never understand the mindset of someone who posts s— like this.”

Brennan Reaction:

Brennan appeared unrepentant in the face of growing criticism, stoking the flames with the question “Am I trending yet?” His reaction did nothing but make him more unpopular with people who thought his remarks were callous and cruel.

Matthew Perry’s Difficulties

While the public struggles with Brennan’s insensitivity, it’s crucial to consider the difficulties Perry encountered throughout his life. The Friends actor openly discussed his years-long battle with drug and alcohol addiction in his memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.”

In 2018, Perry’s opioid usage caused his colon to burst, resulting in a five-month hospital stay and a two-week coma. This near-death event was documented in his memoir. By being transparent about his challenges, the actor hoped to raise awareness of the terrible reality of addiction.