Angelina Jolie and the FBI are locked in a heated back and forth over documents pertaining to the agency’s investigation into Jolie’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt, in a convoluted legal drama. The conflict centers on the event that happened on September 14, 2016, while Jolie and Pitt were on a private jet with their kids. Jolie claimed that when Pitt became physically aggressive during the trip while intoxicated, a terrible sequence of events transpired.

Under the alias Jane Doe, Jolie sued the FBI, alleging the it withheld material related to their investigation of the incident. In addition to other violent behaviors, such as spilling beer and red wine on the kids, she accused Pitt of choking one of his kids and hitting another in the face.

Days after the event, Jolie filed for divorce, but not before the FBI and the Department of Child and Family Services looked into the matter and decided not to press charges. There were no charges brought against Pitt. At the time, the FBI released a statement saying, “No charges have been filed in this matter.”

In her case, Jolie claims that the FBI illegally suppressed information she asked for, making it more difficult for her to get her kids the care and treatment they need. She asked to see the investigation file so she could find out why the FBI decided not to charge Pitt.

Before Jolie launched her complaint, the FBI first released a number of records; later this year, they supplied an extra 164 pages of documents. Jolie and her legal team, however, continued to demand further records, contesting the redactions put on the supplied documents and raising doubts about the effectiveness of the FBI’s document search.

According to court records, Jolie and the FBI have been in continuous negotiations, and both sides have acknowledged that not all of the issues have been settled. Discussions over “outstanding issues” are still going on, according to the information provided to the court; an update is anticipated in December.

Jolie’s will to comprehend the investigation procedure and her choice not to file charges against Pitt are what motivate her to keep looking for knowledge. There is still no imminent conclusion to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s legal dispute because the issue is still pending.

The public is still interested in the high-profile divorce and ongoing court battles between the Hollywood power couple while they wait for more updates.