Heather Pressdee, 41, a former nurse from Pennsylvania, has admitted to trying to kill over a dozen patients, adding to the murder charges she was already facing for the deaths of two patients. This is a startling discovery. Authorities claim that the unsettling confession included information on giving dangerous dosages of insulin to 19 more people at five different nursing homes throughout a five-year span.

Pressdee, who was a veterinary technician before she became a nurse, is accused in two first-degree murder cases, seventeen attempted murder cases, and nineteen counts of neglecting a person in need of care. The claimed victims are between 43 and 104 years old.

Authorities disclosed that Pressdee acknowledged giving out too much insulin to both non-diabetic people and diabetic patients who needed the drug. She caused the deaths of seventeen patients while in her care.

In order to avoid being discovered, the former nurse—who frequently worked the night shift when staffing was at its lowest—allegedly took measures to make sure her victims died before shift changes. She allegedly gave them a second dose of insulin or injected air to ensure their death if she thought they may survive a megadose of the drug.

Upon obtaining a search warrant for Pressdee’s phone, investigators discovered unsettling text messages that suggested a fixation with death and murder. She highlighted a resident in texts to her mother, stating, “I can’t with this lady.” She will have pillow therapy.” She also sent other threats threatening to harm a “Arbys guy,” a “pizza man,” and a “man at Taco Bell.”

In addition to the criminal charges, Pressdee is accused of causing a pattern of patient deaths while working shifts. An internal probe was prompted by concerns expressed by Belair Healthcare and Rehabilitation staff regarding patients passing away while Pressdee was working shifts. The internal assessment apparently found no evidence to corroborate the claims, despite the fact that she was directly involved in five deaths in a ten-month period.

Four patients are said to have passed away while Pressdee was a manager at Sunnyview Rehabilitation and Nursing Center starting in January 2023. Pressdee frequently said, according to a nursing aide, that people “just needed to die.”

In July 2023, Pressdee’s nursing license was placed on hold while the criminal investigation continued. She was arraigned on Thursday and is being held at Butler County Prison without access to bond. Attorney General Michelle Henry noted the severe effects on the victims and their families and said it was hard to understand how a nurse entrusted with patient care could intentionally and methodically injure them.