Ivanka Trump was sworn in as the last witness for New York State on Wednesday in the ongoing fraud trial involving her father, former President Donald Trump, and her brothers, Don Jr. and Eric, in a high-stakes legal drama. The Trump Organization is charged with masterminding a ten-year conspiracy and is also involved in the high-profile trial.

Around ten in the morning, the former first daughter gave her testimony in front of New York Attorney General Letitia James, who was seated in the first row gallery. The $250 million civil trial has drawn a lot of attention from the public because it accuses the Trump family of running a financial scam for ten years.

Judge Arthur Engoron of the Manhattan Supreme Court, who was presiding over the non-jury trial, asked, “Who is she?” in response to Ivanka’s evidence with a sardonic smile. The fate of this much anticipated case will finally be decided by the judge.

Emotions were running high when Donald Trump himself testified earlier in the week in the lawsuit case. During his testimony, the former president lost his temper and angrily accused Attorney General James and Judge Engoron of trying to hurt him.

In a legal lawsuit, the state claims that Donald Trump artificially overstated his wealth by as much as $3.6 billion a year in order to obtain advantageous terms on bank loans and insurance policies.

Interesting revelations have emerged from Ivanka Trump’s testimony; trial evidence has shown an email conversation from 2011. Ivanka allegedly boasted to coworkers about the advantageous terms of a loan provided by Deutsche Bank in the email, saying, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Attorney Louis Solomon of the AG revealed the email pertaining to “Project Eagle” after Ivanka stated she could “not recall” if she thought the offer was a “great proposal.”

When Solomon showed Ivanka the email, she was excited about the deal and said, “Let’s discuss asap.” Ivanka conceded, “Yes, I thought the deal terms with Deutsche Bank were positive, and we proceeded forward,” when asked about the deal’s merits once more.

This information was made public in relation to Ivanka’s attempts to obtain funding for the Trump National Doral Golf Club located in Miami. According to court records, Ivanka assisted in obtaining funding for a number of Trump Organization buildings while she was an executive.

The public is still enthralled with the minute details of the Trump family’s business transactions and the possible legal fallout as the trial progresses.